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The Resistance

I’ll alert you at a topic :wink:

I think there on to you!

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Oh, yes…OH YES…OOOOOOOOOHHHH YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSS. Finally, yes, yes yes yes. Take that, a wimpy start to a resistance, but to make the mods on to me is great!


Apparently spamming as well, hmmm

They are :eyes:

Nice😔! Well I can’t find the definition for there rules, I thought spamming was repetitive, non stop posting.

Yeah, we are also on to you now mods, incorrectly accusing me. Hah!

I’m not going to do anything that could cause trouble. It’s a little more serious than I thought it would be :neutral_face:

Really, I didn’t know what you thought… :disappointed_relieved: I’m a really bad leader, it’s just you and me, alone. Everyone else is gone… I guess this is where this story ends, resisty members, ludia should hate me now, I guess, go and live your life. Remember the resistance, and go. Thank you all.

@MyFishDrowned, @bobbymcfeen, @Procerathomonomimus, @Pateradactyl, @J.C, the ambassador, thank you. Thank you all, this resistance will stay, but if it’s just me here, I guess it will have to fall.

Sorry ludia, very much. I committed rule-breaking things, sorry. Maybe, we will meet sometime later, friends.

I have done, some bad things. Yeah I broke rules, made you clean it up, sorry. I don’t know what to do, delete the Resistance, or keep it going, but if you hate me, go ahead, rules are rules I suppose.

Yeah, I knew it, sorry again ludia, @Ned, please tell your team that I won’t do anything like that again. Keep up the great work, as if you’ll respond. Thanks.

It’s not that bad. You weren’t banned, you didn’t get in trouble did you? The resistance was a cool idea, but maybe went to far. I think it could be a fun fake resistance.

I could’ve been banned, why did they spare me? Why, I’ve seen people get banned like what I did, why?

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Because they know you didn’t mean any harm. It’s just fun. That’s why I think it still could be a fun, sort of like a play, joke, fun thing. Like in the beginning when we were joking about the Dino’s we’d ride and the snacks we’d eat. That’s not really what it was meant to be but it could work. I don’t know though it’s your topic so I’ll let you do whatever. I liked it for the most part. Thanks for starting it !


A poem is all I can say to that…

Through the tall mountains
In a clear blue sky
Lay a secret
That only I know
Unique and special
To bring joy to people
Darkness away
Even though nothing gold can stay
Everything always finds a way.


Nice! It’s wonderful!

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Thanks man. When your sad and gloomy, poems finally seem to make themselves clearer to you.

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Well I enjoy this thread and poem. Thanks and seeya later friend :blush:

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