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The respawn failure kinda screwed me up


I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. This was possibly the best event week for JWA so far. The only thing is the unique Dino’s didn’t respawn as much as they were supposed to and I couldn’t get the Dino’s I wanted. My erlidom was ready to level up after one more darting. But after waiting for the reset and looking in all directions for at least a mile or two I couldn’t find a single erlidom. I put a lot of effort into finding that last one and if the cycle had been going as it was supposed to, I think I would have had a better chance. Again I appreciate this week. Just disappointing to see that I was so close to leveling him up and theoretically I prob should have been able to. Anybody else run into this issue?


I don’t wait for cycles… went all over town to find mine.


I went a lot further than a mile or two to get what I wanted.

If it were easy, we’d all be there.


I drove all over looking for Erlidom and Tryko…within 5 miles that is…found 2 Trykos in my range and it took a bit to find Erludom


I went for 3 1 to 2 mile walks for mine and drove several miles after my wife got home from work for hers.


It says 2 hours spawn cooldown, but I waited for 4 hours, still didn’t change dino


Sounds like u all worked hard! Impressive and congrats. The thing for me was just I didn’t have access to a car or bike during that day so it was all walking for me.


I was in same situation with tryko but at last moment I found it. Cool down period wasn’t 2 hrs as mentioned in their post.