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The return of big updates

Ludia please make massive updates like for cenozoic and aquatics. The updates don’t really feel like updates. Either the new creature is instantly a hybrid or a tournament creature. You have to return in making regular legendaries, super rares and rares and you can add hybrids with each update and not add them after like three weeks

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I would like the ceno and aquatic creatures increased and more hybrids for them too

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I wand rares, super ares and legendaries for Brachiosaurus and iguanodon

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I’m not sure they will add more rares, SRs and standard legendaries to the game.

Maybe for cenos and aquatics but even then the latest releases for them have been tourneys (mosa g2, gigantophis, eucladoceros)

Mainly would like to see a super rare hybrid snow creature and a legendary or tourney reef hybrid.