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The return of... meh?

So, I was pretty excited to see Jamie (or Seth if he’s your flavor of hacker) escape from the dungeon of forgotten matches… but… meh?

The conversation wasn’t anything great. I guess i understand that he wasn’t missing for over six months for everyone but damn, can’t a girl be annoyed for a minute? Can we not talk about anything but 0z0 or whatever? For such a freaking long break to run off to shanghai for some secret plan it sure seems like it’s just a continuation of the same. exact. thing. After MONTHS!

Am I the only one in the meh corner?

I’d love to see my gothy furry friend reappear but not really if she’s just going to still be furry with zero changes to the storyline… if it’s all the same drama different day then it’s going to get even more lackluster. I’m starting to wonder what I’m even waiting for.

I’ve been playing Swiit Crush more and I know it’s taboo to talk about an app that is similar but there are way more characters and the updates are more frequent

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I felt like that with Skylar too. He came back after months and was, like “hey, happy valentines” and I was, like “don’t happy valentines me you creep, where the hell have you been?!!”

But of course the game dialogue was far nicer than me.

If I have learned one thing about myself by playing this game it’s that I’m not a deep romantic. So I either need the hotness of someone like Emmalyn to keep me interested, despite her annoying militant veganism and astrology obsession, or an exciting storyline.

Jamie’s could be the storyline but it’s not really going anywhere right now.

I guess I’m mostly annoyed by the lack of progress in his story after everything.

He had the guy but left him to run off to Shanghai.

No idea why he went there other than to pull a Noah and vanish. I liked the idea of his story and I think it still might have potential but now we’re stalled… plus he’s vanished anyhow. Oh well.

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And Min Jae is back AGAIN eye roll

I know :confused: I don’t mind him, honestly, I was just hopeful that, with Jamie’s return, older matches were starting to show up or a female this go around :woman_shrugging::pensive:

Yeah, it could have been like the film Jumping Jack Flash where Whoopi Goldberg ends up doing all this secret agent stuff after a captured agent contacts her over the Internet (or whatever the 80s equivalent of the net was).

But instead, it’s some lame flirting with a rubbish FBI agent who seems to be a walking disaster as far as his job is concerned.

Oh yeah, and Min Jay can take is garbage generic K-Pop and take a leap.

If we’re gonna have musicians how about a baddass rock star or a rapper? Not some soppy boy band dweeb!

Yeah I agree with you xD I was like: HE IS BACK FROM THE BASEMENTTT but lately I feel that the matches have like really narcissist conversations or boring ones T.T this is one of them

Not going to lie I thought Min Jae/Liam was a woman at first :sweat_smile: