The Return


So… After two years, I have returned to JWTG. I came back after a boring day of JWA and thought to myself, why not play the other good Jurassic World game? So, I went to the app store and re-downloaded the game. All the data saved and I came back. I saw all my beautiful creatures and all the new stuff. I immediately went to work on leveling up. When I re-downloaded the game I was at level 20. Now i’m at level 25. I’m working on Labrynthosaurus and soon I’ll get Omega 09. I will use this as a progress page. It’s nice to be back.

Thanks to everyone on the forums!!!


Cool man!
Happy to have you back

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Welcome back!

10 Alangas.

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Welcome back to JWTG !

You won’t regret it I promise.

Thanks people!

(Kaprosuchus unlocked and Argentinosaurus Lvl 40)


Eu já tenho o omega 09 invista no bdna para evoluilo

Translated from Portuguese

I already have the omega 09 invest in bdna to evolve it

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