The rewards are there

Bit of a brag post, but the rewards are out there.


1 / 10 000 players will get those IF they can get to the rank 7 in arena. From other posts they seems to be capped around rank 2-3. If they get the Glorirus Battle Chest then, its 700 gold Maximum.

Also, you are probably at a point that 2 800 gold is still useless for you, right? as you need 2-3 k + for 1 level of most equipment upgrades?
My blues costs me around 5 500 each and rares are at 4000 each.
Most of my commons are at level 13 and require 1500 copies and 4200. ** the level 14 requires 2000 copies and 8750 gold.

I finaly got my level 15-16 done on the healer since october, and it costed me 21 k just for the level. and what did it give me? 5 more attack, not even 45 health, 10 defense. Out of the stats i have on him, thats barely 1% increase.

Way to expensive for what you can get IN game.
Because yeah, farming OTHER games can give you progress in this but it’s nowhere close to prior to patch 2.

Grats Froman!!! :slight_smile:

I’m level 11 & 12 for all my guys, so most of my upgrades are sitting at 1500-2500. I’m not even concerned about the gold actually (sitting on 30K), it’s the 8 epics I’m happy about. I do understand what your saying though, all the beta testers have been saying it for the last 6 months. gold and equipment is too scarce, and there are not enough ways to accumulate it. opening the regular wooden chests from the arena (what you get 90% of the time) gives me 17 cards. most of my commons I need 400 or 600. 17 every 3 hours is nothing when I have 56 different commons to level up.

in the explore mode I have just a few levels left and when that’s done no more rewards from there. also when you beat those levels you get wooden chests most of the time, which, after spending a week and finally beating a level, I get the same chest I get free every four hours, that one makes me SO angry. I have made many posts about progression and what could fix it. I could literally be getting double or triple rewards and I still would be on level 11&12 for another 2 months.

What a shiny chest! Hope you get good luck on your Epic items!

Finally got the cleric’s epic up to level 3, so I’m happy.


Blockquote[quote=“Froman, post:6, topic:86679”]
Finally got the cleric’s epic up to level 3, so I’m happy.
Nice one @Froman :+1:

I got once of these on my last big box, can’t wait till I get to wear it!!

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Very nice!

I really like the 100% Lifesteal on that, plus it always amuses me to think that my Cleric is whapping someone with a Saint’s consecrated thighbone!

haha, yes, I’ve taken down the second dragon in harvestshield from half life with just him because I kept getting crits and the red dice.

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There was this one time that I was in the middle of having my party completely wiped, but Halbenet kept on getting the red die, healing a bit, and getting Death Ward. This happened 3 or 4 times in a row, and it was actually starting to bother me because there was NO way he was going to beat that wave and I just wanted to restart! :smiley:

I think my best gear rewards so far are epic armor for both the wizard and halfling characters. Unlock at level seven I think, so a few levels to go for me.

armour really helps, it gives a large boost to AC & HP

indeed looking forward to unlocking them