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The rework of what 2.0 should have been: Pt2

Nope in this rework all fierce creatures are immune to decl; this means Thor is immune to decel

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That’s way in this version of a rework a 1 point system is bad

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Even If it’s just a regular hybrid it’s fun to use It in tournaments, so it’s good If It can counter chompers better with a stronger distraction move

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Lol true I was at one point thinking of making it have cunning counter but I would so little damage

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Yeah, the counter It has now is good, i like It as It is

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No, I’m using unboosted speedsters because I want to. But it is true that it wouldn’t be “much of a threat” in most scenarios.

True yet It still make arena just infuriating not as much but still

So far seems reception overall is positive I’m both boost, creature changes and implementation

One of the things I will say is that I have never understood is why Smilodon’s critical chance is so low, yet Marsupial Lion’s is at 40%. Just always bugged me because that was the entire point of Smilodon’s extra-long teeth, to penetrate vulnerable areas of its prey, and it evolved them to deal extra damage to those areas. It’s fine and balanced, but it just bugs me how this game just throws that important detail away. It’s a good creature though, I like it how it is

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It’s becuase lion is a tank buster, so it’s naturally fierce. Smilo is cunning, so it focuses on distraction

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I know, and that’s why I said they are balanced, it just bugs me, that’s all.

I mean they very fragile mostly they were used as finishers and only around the neck area. While they’re we’re a bit strong up and down…one wrong side to side and they be broken. So mostly smilodon used its weight and just arm strength to pin the prey downand then deliver the bite. Lion mean while had basically the jaws of death attached to its skull


So you can imagine which has a way better chance at instant killing there prey


Also ya that

That’s also why lion in not in a family the only other member is thyla and each family requires three creatures to be present

So what about the jack (or as I called them universal) creatures having universal strike? Too much? Ok I’ll see myself out.

(See my last topic to understand.)

Lol ya saw it it’s too strong lol that’s why I just gave them kits that have everything but the effect only last a turn

So that way they jack of all trades master of none