The Ridiculousness That Is The Andrewops Raid

I know my last take on a raid boss nerf was uh… Controversial but I think a lot of us can agree that andrewops is by far the hardest raid in the game.

First of all you need to have just the right thor, aka your thordor can’t be underpowered or have too many boosts which is extremely tough to come across.

Next is the counter, it has over 1500 damage with a full counter this means that your probably gonna have low hp throughout the entire raid and without a high hp thordor/tuora your gonna die.

Finally is the extreme randomness of the raid, sense the boss hits so much with group moves you got to hope that it doesn’t crit, and that the random attacks it uses (aka the cleansing random impact on R1 T3) doesn’t hit either thordor or tuora.

I really hope this raid gets toned down in the future, like giving it a non damaging counter because as of now the raid is way to tough for your reward because honestly andrewops when unlocked isn’t even that strong.


Exactly, that’s the big problem

Definitely!!! Had some mates in my alliance that did the raid 30 times and only managed to beat it TWICE. 2/30. The entire basis for completing this raid is RNG… only reason it’s worth doing it because it has arctops (event exclusive) as a component, otherwise wouldn’t care less about the raid.

Fax’s this is just completely true I hate this rain for a burning passion it’s way too much luck base

Blame it on all the guys who said that Apex raids were too easy… Ludia simply raised the bar… It’s the first week though. In a couple of weeks, there will be some failproof strategies available. I have not even seen a good one with distraction yet.


hi we meet again

2nd try

HEY! Some of yous are on my team!!

Man you would think that if there was ever a reason for taunt to exist, it would be to reduce randomness in situations like this. But no, random moves ignore taunt :roll_eyes:

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and they were all heavily boosted, weren’t they? Most raids are made for the hardcore players…

Andrewtops is not even worth it. like Indoraptor, so hard to do and all for a miserable 30DNA…
I’ll just do stygidaryx, another useless unique but at least we only need a boosted thor and the supports no boosts.

second one not sure how they were boosted u will ahve to look but yes its a nightmare much like rinchy and glypo loaded raids with only a few or maybve one useable strategy