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The right time for Hybrids

Hi there,

I waited with creating hybrids, to make sure the main missions (which are the best way to level up) are fast and easy doable… Right now I am level 64, and things are slowing down… My best dino’s are legendary lvl 30, and some hard earned VIP dino’s. Is there a point in time where it is advisable to switch to the hybrids? I would really love to start competing on dominator level, but right now my best, isn’t strong enough… The clash of titans is too slow to go for as getting powerfull dino’s, so it might be time to go create some hybrids…

If above is right, u guys (and girls) have any advice on which hybrids i should go for??

Dude, I’ll give you a hint, for you to stay in the dominator has to have dinos with at least 2200 health and about 700 to 800 damage.
I have 5 indominus rex lv20 plus several other hybrids, and I will tell you that legendary hybrids are more important than other dinos.

The best way to level up is buying Apatosaurus fossils (and selling them again if you don’t need them). You earn XPs by doing so.
If your strongest dinos are legendary lvl 30s you are not able to make any legendary hybrids at the moment. If I were you I would start creating all the other hybrids as soon as possible. They are no threat to your current lineup as long as you do not bring them to higher levels.
On the other hand you definitely have to level your dinos up because with your current lineup you are most probably to weak for dominator. Be patient, this will take a while.

Of all legendary’s I have several of lvl 30… ready to bring up to level 40… Was wondering if i should immediatelly convert them into hybrids after that… They are now lvl 30, because i wouldn’t want to wreck my line-up too much… With thise wide bench, i can walk through all the events without problems…
What are the best hybrids to go for?

If you do not want to ruin your current lineup go for the non legendary hybrids.
I personally like Nundagosaurus, Tapejalosaurus, Ankylodocus, Metrialong and Suprannotitan which is the strongest normal, not legendary hybrid.
But if you can make custom hybrids as well.

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by custom hybrids, you mean?? The hybrids with the super DNA?
currently I have 6000 velociraptor dna, 2247 Sarcosuchus, 1182 kaprosuchus and 3715 euoplocephalus dna.

p.s. I appreciate you taking your time to answer my questions… maybe even if they are a bit noob questions

Custom hybrids as I understand them

If you can this one is also not a bad choice

I think the other SDNA hybrids are to early for you.

ah… custom = common rarity … Check!!
But they are hardly any stronger then my current ones… (except for the Diplosuchus). I feel like it’s a bit of a waste to put effort in creating these ones, while I would hardly use them…
But maybe these lvl 40 common hybrids can replace my current legendaries, while I evolve them to hybrids so i have no struggle in all the events battles.

Sorry, my error. My brain used a wrong translation. I should rely more on Google and I should not start celebrating with champagne too early.


The Indoraptor would probably be to OP for your current lineup even at level 1, so I would hold off on that one for a while. The Diplosuchus is one you should for sure work towards. The super rare hybrids at level 30 and 40 are great for Dominator, you can get away with some of the Rare hybrids at level 30 but mostly it’s level 40 of those for Dominator. VIP creatures at level 20 is also a good place to start.

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great! Got one lvl 30 diplotator allready … so I am definitely are going for the Diplosuchus.
I feel those lvl 30 and 40 super rare hybrids aren’t too far away for me… so I am excited… Thanks for your reply!

Feel enthousiastic!
I noticed there aren’t any water Super rare hybrids?? and only 1 flying??

Unfortunately that is correct, the lack of an amphibian is a big gap especially when you run into Super Rare only events. You will want to keep your Super Rare hybrids balanced so you don’t end up in a situation where you will need to spend DB on cooldowns to complete events.


My philosophy regarding hybrids was if I could make 2 level 40 creatures, it was time to make a hybrid from one of them.

Regarding their use in tournaments, the Common hybrids are too weak for Dominator League in standard tournaments, even at level 40. The Rare hybrids are very useful. Other than Diplotator, I routinely use several copies of the level 30 rare hybrids in my tournament teams. Diplotator needs to be level 40. Super-rare hybrids can be useful at level 20.

The game loves to have Common, Rare, and Super-rare only events were you need multiple copies of your top creatures, enough for five rounds if you want to avoid cooldowns. Additionally, we have had a tournament in the past year that required Rare only creatures and one that required Rare and Common only creatures. In both of these cases the hybrids ruled the day. The Common hybrids needed to be level 30, while level 20 Rares worked very nicely.

To allow me to perform better in these events, I have made three level 30s to accompany my level 40 for the Common and Rare hybrids. I am working on a similar program with my super-rare hybrids.

For typical tournament runs, I start with level 40 Legendary and level 30 tournament creatures and work my way up to level 20 VIP creatures, although I acknowledge that there is a greater chance that my beginning teams may not be successful. It depends on the opponent draw. Any hybrids that fit in with this get used.

Hope this helps