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The road to level 60, and beyond

I’ve progressed to level 57, just a sliver of XP away from 58 so far, and as I’ve mentioned before my current goal is reaching level 60 for CoT. I have a few questions:

  1. Are there any other especially important levels to reach other than 60?

  2. Is there any way I can find out what the missions are in advance? Are there any missions I should know about, for example ones that require a specific creature at a specific level, that I might lose if I fuse it before that mission?

I ask this because I have a few creatures almost ready to be fused for their hybrids, currently being Stegoceratops and Suchoripterus (modded PVP has been very helpful, thanks for the tips guys). I’m also working towards Dakoderma.

After level 60 I’m slowing down a little. No particularly big things besides battle stages unlock tournament creatures at levels 70+. There are no missions that require you to have a certain dino. I’ll try to find my mission screenshots post and link it here.


Closest I can find
This may be outdated

I heard you need to hatch an Indominus at story episode 48 or so, and I am at episode 26 so I’ll probably grow old by the time I actually take missions seriously after unlocking AF and JH statue. If I wait for it to come, it’ll never happen…

Whatever are your plans, go for it, don’t wait for stuff to happen.


There’s one that requires a level 40 Stegosaurus…
That’s exactly what I feared, and it seems to be quite late too.
Maybe I’ll hold off getting Stegoceratops.

There are several threads detailing various Story Missions. Although due to Ludia tweaking them, the threads may or may not be completely accurate anymore. These are slowing being compiled on @Mary_Jo’s spreadsheet.

As far as levels go, level 65 seems to be a big one, as the Gen 2 unlocks have heretofore been tied to that level.


I know that Pteranodon lv.40 is required

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Agreed, the recent two T-Rex and Velociraptor gen 2s have needed level 65+ to unlock.

That one is after you reach level 60.

That’s why right now, at mid-65, I’m taking it very slow, because resources are very important. I only got there for the Gen 2 unlocks, but the next level up will only be when I have enough resources.

Yes, but I don’t want to have to buy and fuse Stegosaurus again, it seems like it would be a waste of DNA and time.

Never a waste of DNA. I rarely get rid of even the commons unless there is a very good trade for it. Max out your paddocks. Every bit helps in coin production and tournaments.


Level 65 is when you get to play the Gen 2 dino PvE Events for unlocks vs just a copy of the dino.

Make your way to level 65.

Also, all of the battle stages are great. Lots of dinos and DNA. After that, it is one Battle stage per 24 hours. That is one extra event/card pack a day. Level 95 plus complete all Battle stages. (I’ve don this with L40 T-Rex or less, so you can do it too!)

Edit: and this week has a Gen 2 L65 unlock. Get to it!


Very, very slowly. I haven’t been able to do much work on it for awhile.


Thank you for it. It’s a huge informational resource for me.


Appreciate it. There have been a lot of contributors to share the thanks.


Here’s the oldest major thread we have. It’s mostly what I uncovered as requirements you could preplan for such as have a level 40 T rex as opposed to collect x coins. So there’s a lot of information there, but there are also gaps. Many (but not all) of the Isla Sorna Missions are screen shot

From there we have individual and grouped mission threads. These were current when posted, but updates may have made changes, great and small. So, all of them need to be confirmed. Some Episodes are missing title shots. There is a gap from Episode 28-36, inclusive. Episodes 52 and 53 are likewise missing. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

And here’s the spreadsheet

Now with Episodes 28-32

Episode 29

Episode 30

Episode 31

Episode 32


Use Expansions and Apato fossils to level up,level 65 is an important level because beyond level 65,you can unlock creatures in Gen 2 fury and possibly later unlock Indominus Rex Gen 2.


I went to level 65 a few days back, gonna get that Gen 2 T-Rex this time!! Indominus gen 2, I’m coming for you…


Level 95 gives you the Infinite battle stage,and then 70 has Deinocheirus,75-Ceratosaurus,80-Zalmoxes,85-Acanthostega,87-Yutyrannus,90-Mosasaurus