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The rotation and the next weeks

What dinosaurs will on the unlock rotation for next week. For a lvl 48 what are going to be the dinos that can be unlocked and what is the rotation thx


Your guess is as good as mine. We all will see on Sunday.


ok well does anyone know the rotation for the next 3 weeks


We only know the week ahead when the schedule is released on sunday.

No one has information further than that


You can approximately predict by following the past releases. It’s not 100 percent but it’ll give you an idea of what’s coming up.

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ok yah that was what i was asking

Looking at our records, the past is inconclusive. Something different has followed Spinosaurus each time.

That said, it has been awhile since we’ve seen Ankylosaurus and Therizinosaurus show up in the rotation

yah im hoping for ankylo so i can make the ankylodocus

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We could use a ludia staff here.

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DO they ever?