The sad story of the forgotten Unique - Tuoramoloch

Tuoramoloch has always been that unique that everyone tells you to stay away from. The unique that most would argue why bother making it?. I mean it shares DNA with dioraja, easily a much better unique and certainly more viable. Tuoramoloch isn’t easy to make either, requiring serious coin investments for both paramoloch and tuojiangosaurus to get to lvl 20. And paramoloch requires an arena exclusive epic, stygimoloch. Stygimoloch used to be much easier to obtain but the addition of more epic exclusive dna such as alanqa and pachy made it difficult to get it consistently. And then once you do manage to get all of these accomplishments, you need to stat boost it. But what would be the point of stat boosting tuora when his attack only goes up 80 or 90 damage?

Is Tuoramoloch broken at its current state? No not at all. It suffers from bad match ups against nearly every tank in the game, and loses hard to Erlidom, tryko, thor, dioraja, and so much more. To make it worse, it can barely leave a dent on the likes of tryko or thor once it falls in a 1 v 1 battle. So one must ask. How exactly did tuoramoloch reach this point? Was tuoramoloch always this bad?

You’d be surprised.
These are the changes tuoramoloch went through after doing some digging.

1.3 1400 attack on release!

1.4 Attack dropped to 960 but gained 300 HP

1.5 Greater Stunning Rampage becomes Greater Stunning Impact. Basic Attack becomes Superiority Strike. Attack increased to 1,070.

1.7 Attack reduced to 1050. Greater Stunning Impact becomes Greater Stunning Rampage.

And thats it. So through all these patches tuoramoloch suffered a huge attack loss back in 1.4? He originally had 1400 damage. Is that so bad even by todays standards? Not at all when you compare it to thor or tryko or even dracoceratops. The biggest issue tuoramoloch has faced is his low damage output. Well with a stat slaughter of this magnitude im not surprised. Tuoramoloch has never been able to recover from that drastic drop in attack. There seems to be so much fear in giving this unique more damage. But would anyone truly complain about a good decent buff to tuoramoloch?

I don’t think anyone would. Tuoramoloch has gone through too much give and takes through the life of the game. With one big take and one small give in 1.4. Tuoramoloch deserves to be given half of the damage taken from him in 1.4. No more nerfs to this forgotten unique please. Leave him be and give tuoramoloch back some of the damage it lost so long ago. Don’t remove its health, or drop his speed. Just give tuoramoloch something without taking anything, for once in its life.


I just going to go ahead and ahhh… Disagree with you on that. It counters Magna and does well against a lot of meta relevant Dinos. Its underrated and has served me well.

I think they need to remove the counter since Imoact and Run and GSR don’t even use it. Buff the damage instead and maybe give it some armor. Another that irks me is how Paramoloch is much better than Tuora. With Para you can shield, stun, stun, and then regen, having only taken one hit that was probably covered by the shield.

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I have to admit that I’ve had it in my team since I created it . But my heart sinks when it comes in as one of my four . It rarely wins a battle and never gets to use its best move . I have to swap it out after its first move or it would be dead . I’ve put no end of boosts into it too but I think it’s gonna have to be benched soon :weary:

Yeah id agree with you except we have nearly the same tuoramoloch. And tuoramoloch does not beat magna. Tuora loses that matchup when stat boosted equally. Against lower level magnas too! Tuora only wins against dilo in a 50-50 matchup. Thats it. And even then it walks away severely injured.

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If you SS turn 1 Imp and run turn 2 Magna has ro crit both hits. You do you, Ill keep using mine successfully

I disagree with you again because i do play it like that. If magna crits at any point tuora loses. So the counter is to impact and run into a game of chance on something potentially slower or hopefully faster than magna? And factor all the people who stat boosted their magnas damage and speed? Because theres a lot of 154 speed magnas out and about these days you know.

Boosted magnas are typically in the 1700 range for damage. 1st turn 2500 2nd turn 3400 for 5900 dmg, toura has over 6k health. As I said… Im using mine successfully

Still a better story than twilight.


Ok then lets use math using your tuoramoloch based off your pic. Your tuoramololoch has 6240 HP and 1365 damage which puts you at tier 5 health and tier 5 attack

Lets look at magna with the same level and stats.
At level 26 with tier 5 health and damage it is: 4173 HP and 1820 attack

Turn 1 magna does distracting impact hitting tuora for 2730 damage.

Tuoramoloch does counter attack hitting for 341 damage. Tuora does superiority strike hitting for 1365. Thats 1706 damage that magna has been hit with.

Magna does defense shattering rampage. Hitting for 3620 damage. Tuora takes 6370 damage total. Tuora has 6240 hp. Yeah.

Tuoramoloch loses. With a dent on to magna

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A lot of tier 5 lvl 26 magnas running around? Look, as I said… Im using it and getting good results… You do you

I currently have Paramoloch on my team (a placeholder for a future dino) and I gotta say - I prefer Para to Tuoramoloch, at least from what I’ve seen. I guess it’s because Para can at least withstand Indom attacks from where I am right now thanks to the shield, and the regenerate comes in handy.

I can guarantee you theres more tier 5 magnas running around than tier 5 tuoramolochs. And a lower level and stat boosted magna will win with a crit.

We do agree on that… Toura is not common

I’ve always hated it. It’s so ugly and stupid looking. It sucks too.

I didn’t want to waste my dna of tuojiangosaurus on it because I wanted to get Diorajasaur. I created it and realized it sucked too!

They both sucked until Diorajasaur finally got a buff. It deserves one because it looks so cool.

I’ve kept toura at 22. My dio is just into 24.

Which is why it is the forgotten unique and hence why it needs to be improved on.

I wont disagree with that either I just have gotten good resukts from it and dont think its useless

Naw fam.

That counter is useful. I use Tuoramoloch as a sort of Rat counter. With such high health, plus the addition of the stats of tier 4 or 5, 1v1, Touramoloch can smash on Dracorat. And that counter attack helps deal damage that it would have to regenerate back. The user wouldn’t have any choice in the matter. Face a Rampage to the face, or switch out and face the wrath of the slowing Unique in front of them.

I believe the stat boosts for mine are 5/4/4… I can’t entirely be sure. My progress for even leveling her up are dashed thanks to her being pulled out of L3, but I aspire to take her all the way. I wholeheartedly agree with a damage boost. At least boost it up to 1250 and many of us will be happy about such generosity.

Please Ludia. Just because it’s a herbivore doesn’t mean it has to be weak.

She’s a good baby but she’s not had a chance since the repetitive nerfs.

The counter IS useful, but I think it needs a damage buff that would be the equivalent of a counter. That way you get the counter attack damage even on a stun or run, and you don’t have to worry about being KOed before you can counter attack.