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The sad truth about my game

Well, here it is - I’ve peaked. I will never again be as high as I was just this last season. Using boosts I experimented (maxed out 3 creatures, DC, Max, Quetz) and made my way up to 35th (then removed the boosts once the season ended). Now, I no longer buy these overpriced travesties, nor do I pay for the piles of HC that it would take to open incubators one after the other after the other. All that adds up to the fact that I am now slowly losing ground to those who buy every boost, and apply it to their team. I suppose in the extremely long run (and if ludia doesn’t change a thing from now on HAH!) I will eventually freeplay my way up to equally boosted teams. Yeah, like that’ll happen.

So, knowing that my highly competitive era is over, I’m back to having fun. Trolling around, playing weird teams. Achieving other goals like completing the dinodex (yay nasuto week!) and my all L30 epic team (only 3 to go).

It was kind of fun running with the big dogs for a while. Heck, since the game started I think I’ve finished top 250 every time, top 100 two or three times, but now that you have to pay for the privilege of inhabiting the top of the leaderboard, I’m just going to get used to not being there. oh well. I should maybe be a little less obsessed with it anyway.

I still think it’s sad that no matter how much you grind, level, and battle… in the end it’s the big $$ that you need to put you over the top.


That is exactly what I am doing on my 2nd account. I play all kinds of different and weird teams and 6 creatures away from completing my dinodex. :+1:


I only play theme teams these days, and having much more fun.

Yep, I was hooked on trophy count (no where near as high as you were though). I finally realized it is a silly race for something that is just a game. Have not bought or applied any more boosts. Still sitting at about 5200 and don’t care if I fall. May even force that by changing out my team to try some new dinos. Really just want to get the few dinos I am missing and maybe be done for a while. Was fun, but just feels like a constant grind now. Guess it always was, but really starting to notice it. That’s the game/player life-cycle I guess.

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I worked really hard to build my team for free and I’m definitely feeling the effects of not buying boosts. Its not that fun anymore. This was the 1st phone game I’ve ever played and i probably won’t try another after seeing this crazy money shakedown. I’ve never seen such an expensive game before.


There are many others out there that aren’t as bad as JWA. I’ve got several I’ve never spent a cent on and gotten far with them and they’re fun to play also.

I’m addicted to this one Horse Racing game called Rival Stars and War Dragons currently.

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Ludia is in a special place as far as their monetization goes… ive played 100s of games on phone and Ive never seen anything like their pricing. Some are as aggresive but nowhere near as expensive per transaction and others are simply very free to play friendly.

For 5 bucks Id recommend looking at the google play pass… bunch of games on their completely free of in app purchases.p

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