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The SAME legendary offers 5 weeks in a row

What is up with the Saturday legendary 2 for 1 offers. It has now been FIVE WEEKS in a row it has been for the SAME seven characters, all melee. It used to always alternate melee one weekend, ranged characters the following. This has been highly frustrating as I have no melee characters i want legendaries for but multiple ranged ones I do. Is this a bug or the new normal. Legendaries have already been devalued due to how much easier epics are to acquire than legendaries are however this new ordeal with only ever having melee for sale even further devalues any ranged characters legendary items. Can we please get a devs or moderators input on this on if its a bug or a new thing? It would be nice to know in order for us to plan gear out.

Almost midnight on saturday here in Sweden and no 2 for 1 offers yet this weekend :confused:

@Keith just looking for Developer acknowledgement on whether this is by design or not? If it’s a bug and can be addressed then great, but we’re not even talking about that yet. Heck I don’t even mind, I need to work on melee legendaries anyway.

Just a simple statement (or even yes/no) on whether Ludia knows about this, in order to facilitate open communication with your playerbase. We want to know that you’re even reading this for starters. Is the forum not the right venue, should an in-game ticket be created instead? If so then please tell us that too. Thanks.

I know that this was brought up to the team last week, And they said it wasn’t a bug and that ranged characters would be featured soon, I will inquire about it with the team on Monday.

The forums are a great place to ask questions, give and get advice. I will answer as many questions as I can. Support tickets are for when you notice a bug/something wrong with your game.

It doesn’t hurt to post in both places, as sometimes support can take a couple of business days to respond back.


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