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The scent towers are broken


since 4 weeks, i have played all of the scent towers and defeated each one of them. i only got 1 rare scent and rest were all grey, most being 5 minute ones. even today i got a 5 minute scent which todays should give the best possibility of scents. please fix this


sorry but it never worked like this. The scent shown on the picture (for the week) is the highest you can possibly get with a lot of luck. Mostly people will get common scents (5 or 20 min)


I got two epic scents and 6 rare scents


nice, lucky you :stuck_out_tongue: , but you are not helping to cheer him/her up :smiley:

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I got an epic scent today. Definitely not broken, just RNG which this entire game is based on.


It’s definitely RNG. I got a large common one today, but I got 2 rare ones in the past week.


Not broken, but pretty bad chances. I can‘t remember when I got my last epic scent, but I received my first rare scent since weeks today.


I also got an epic scent today. They’re pretty uncommon, but this is about the 4th one I’ve ever gotten.


Ive gotten an rare and 3 epics out of the last 4 towers


Just nonsense RNG, havent gotten a rare in months and have gotten 2 epics in the last 6 weeks, all the rest were mostly 5 min scents. Its a bad system but it is what it is.


Wrong. When you read the info for the strike event, it tells you the highest you get.


Whats wrong? Because you said wrong and then said essentially what he said.


It just happens


He said that the picture of the scent is the highest you can get.
It’s always a normal scent capsule, and I get epic scents from it.


Same here bro Ludia fix this plz


Got my first epic in a while this week; lowest reward should be a large scent - getting a 5 min one is a real slap in the face (especially when you are carrying two already).


Pretty sure the wording is wrong. It says best possible odds. It should say best possible scent - not odds.


The picture in the strike tower chart released from twitter has a picture of the highest possible scent in the chart. It does not mean you will get that scent and says so in the chart. This is what he means. The picture of the scent tower on your in game map does jot change.


I thought he meant the picture in the incubator.
Carry on :grin:


I know it is RNG but it would be nice if they changed the strike event charts note. It is misleading in my opinion
“Note: scent top prizes are best odds”
Sounds to me that the highest change of a scent is the one pictured. Which isn,t the case for me, havent got a single epic ever since 1.6. Changes for a 5 min seem why higher.