“The Scorpios Update” - [2.8 Exclusive Teaser]

10:25 pm here

18:55 here

9:56 here at my time

27:07 aqui

It was about 12 am here when release notes of the update with deinonychus (was it 2.0? Cant remember) dropped, so…

I know, I was just kidding…

In my mind I think that the flocks will be limited to the smaller creatures such as the compies, though it would be interesting to see other larger creatures be in flocks, but I think its unlikely just like with the indoraptor since they would appear to be large enough to be solitary creatures

I am getting impatient now


I’ve been here for a whole day waiting cuz it’s 19:00 rn where I am

Maybe in 1 minute. Or maybe in half an hour

Wait wat in america do the notes usually come out
Cuz if we know when then we can decipher when it’s gonna come out 2day

Just check back every half hour

It’s been half an hour
Lemme check

Still nothin

release notes are out


imo would be cool to see a legendary rarity Rex added to game that has the distinctive Rexy features (JP1 and JW scars, back striping, missing front tooth, the OG JP model), since the epic Rex we have now is a generic JW rex

^JP up top vs. JW on the bottom

Jurassic World: Evolution did a similar thing with a generic Rex and then a “Rexy” model added in the Return to Jurassic Park Expansion. :t_rex: :t_rex:


You still didn’t fix not getting credit for the darts that you’re supposed to receive on a Supply Drop or opening an Incubator. No, I haven’t maxed anything out. I don’t get credit for the darts whether it’s the first time I play the game for a day or after playing all day.

You do realize they are the same individual right?

yes, I’m fully aware, I’m just saying that when Rexy is added to game her model could be revised to match the JP sculpt to differentiate her from the in-game epic Rex :t_rex:

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