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The Searing Seethsizzle Buff

It’s good to see many dragons receiving balance changes. One in particular is as the title says: The Searing Seethsizzle. Why is this dragon’s spirit speed changing from Average to Very Fast. I’d like to hear it from the devs please for this change? :slightly_smiling_face:


The game developers themselves? I mean, I understand that there certainly were a lot of changes, stat wise, and I get that some of these changes were curious;

…But at the same time, this might not be something they can just call in a word from the devs for. Maybe you’ll get a basic explanation regarding rebalancing? I’m not really sure there’s an answer much more in depth they can go with this.

To get word directly from the dev team usually means something of significance (unless they’re also doubling as their own PR, which is certainly something some companies do) because, you know, they have people for that. It helps with work flow, time management, etc.

We get it every now and again, which is nice, but we can’t expect it all the time.

I mean…I’m not saying ‘hey this will never happen’ or ‘dont try to communicate’. That’s definitely not what I’m trying to get across. Just, please understand if you don’t end up getting a response from the dev team themselves.

I’m sure @Ned or @Marcus would be happy to relay the question to the team for you and/or help you out if they’re able to talk about that information. :slight_smile:

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I‘m not sure if @Yohomie expects to be answered by the devs‘ themselves, I guess it would be fine for him if Ned or Marcus did, if they were communicating with devs before. He only likes to know the reason for such a strong buff and the only ones that are able to explain that and not guess anything are the devs.

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Perhaps I misunderstood when they said they would like to hear from the devs themselves? I thought that to mean directly, not necessarily through Ned or Marcus. They’re usually the ones that answer here anyway so to ask specifically seemed to imply they preferred otherwise. My apologies, of course, if I did indeed misunderstand.

Either way, it wasnt my intention to hinder any queries :slight_smile:


I won‘t go on to speculate on other people‘s wording and meaning of messages, it could also be that Yohomie would like to have an explanation by devs themselves.
But to me it‘s clear that Ned and Marcus only could guess reasons as long as they haven‘t asked the devs about it. So obviously it‘s easier to directly address the devs and maybe hope for an answer because of PR reasons. And if that doesn’t happen, one can at least hope that Ned and Marcus will ask the devs and speak for them as they‘ll see the post anyway.

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I havnt exactly been here forever, but has there ever been a time where Ned and Marcus have merely guessed at something pertaining to the game?

They’re here as community managers and part of the support team, and from what I’ve seen so far, they’ve answered where they could, when they could. The answers havnt always been incredibly insightful, nor informative, but that’s merely the nature of the beast. They’re messengers.

Which leads me back to my initial answer to OP’s post. From how it was worded, it did indeed sound like a direct answer was expected from the devs. If that’s not the case and I’m mistaken, that’s totally fine. My point still stands. And I’m still going to have to speculate what their meaning was, if I’m going to give an honest answer. I hope they get what they’re looking for, I just don’t know how likely that will be.

The whole purpose of responding to OP at all was because I think some caution should be exercised here. We basically have a rapport starting to smooth out with the dev team as they’re finalizing scheduling, how they’re feeling with communication through FB, Instagram, the forum, etc. We’re getting videos, more in depth patch notes, they responded personally after that huge update gaffe, etc, etc.

These are all good things. They are things that should be done. But you want to be careful in expecting a direct line to developers for all things all the time, because while some companies are like that, this really does not seem to be one of them.

There are ways that some have met halfway with their playerbase. Livestreams where they’ve answered questions, things like that. Its an evolving process. This all is. So maybe we’ll get to something like that with them at some point?

In any case @Yohomie, I do hope you get some sort of answer soon! :grinning:


Hey Yohomie, our team is always looking for ways to improve the balancing of each dragon for the game. I’m not sure we’re able to disclose the exact method of how they decide what gets changed.

However, if you have any feedback or suggestions, I will be happy to relay your message back to our team.