The Searing Seethsizzle Vs Hookfang

Lets compare The Searing Seethsizzle to the unreleased Legendary Hookfang.

The Searing Seethsizzle
Red Legendary
Spirit Speed: Moderate
Power: 1592
Attack: 541
Defense: 607
Health: 2760

Target Foe Takes 250% Damage
This Dragon Inflicts 32% Increased Damage For 4 Turns
This Dragon Generates 25% Spirit For 5 Turns


Monstrous Nightmare
Red Legendary
Spirit Speed: Very Slow
Power: 1626
Attack: 586
Defense: 568
Health: 2806

Random Foes Take 80% Damage 4 Times
This Dragon Inflicts 25% Increased Damage For 6 Turns
This Dragon Generates 30% Spirit For 6 Turns

If you could only have one, which one would you pick?

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Blistering Belcher. All day every day. Because I don’t use sh…

Seriously, though - Seethsizzle. Simply because he charges 50% faster at stock. Hookfang is a dead concept.

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