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The shame of it! The SHAME of it!

I was trying to unlock the legendary Parasaurolophus, I currently have 126/200 DNA, but today I got a mere 33,I don’t think there is enough attempts for legendary or above. Given the fact that this creature is very difficult to get and I failed by a mile, does anyone think my encounter is a disgrace? Oh, the shame of it, the absolute shame of it! It’s driving me crazy! How can I imagined of me always failing, ruining my reputation like this!

It’s disgraceful, disgusting and despicable-
(I’m joking with you but for real, that is kind of lame and I wish we could have more than one attempt at legendary and unique dinosaurs.)

33 is pretty poor to be frank. But it’s extremely difficult to unlock this creature with only one attempt.

Just got 103 and 122 from 545 feet (2 different accounts, not VIPs, level 20).

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I ran across 2 in the wild yesterday but I did trike just about 19.5 miles.

I honestly dont get your issue

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Atleast u got a chance at it, Ludia’s amazing RNG didn’t even spawn it in my drone radius

same here bro