The sharptooth alliance recruiting now please join us

Updated name from UK alliance to the sharptooth alliance after I took over leadership. Please join us :+1: everyone of all levels welcome!!! Drop an invite or comment/pic your name to be added.
Thank you :blush::+1:


Longnecks forever!!!
Kidding, best of luck building a strong alliance. May we meet on the field of battle one day :sauropod:


:joy::joy: I was torn between littlefoot and sharptooth… :grimacing:

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Sorry my alliance search isn’t working great

I can send an invite if you would like… We are new so won’t be offended if you don’t want to join/leave… :wink: It’s frustrating not been able to get much with little people, why I’m trying to recruit, but I get them and they leave :joy: if they just bare with it there would have been more of us by now :joy::sob:

Thank you to those that have joined so far… We are up to 9 :+1: slow progress but already some good donators, giving max what they can to help, so come join us :blush: