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The show off your shiny new 2.0 stuff thread

I’ve noticed that the “what you will be doing during maintenance” thread is already a thing, so why not have one of these?

There’s usually a ton of new threads on the new creatures each time an update goes live, so why not dump all your screenshots here, where no one will be able to miss them?


It change almost everything that why it so long

Unless edapho spawns right outside my house I got

Trystronix Refresh:

Gigaspikasaur Lesser Thagomizer:

Tenontorex Lesser Group Heal:

Ardentismaxima Greater Thagomizer:


I don’t think I’ve ever had so many 10s before


Diloracheirus Greater Emergency Heal:

Quetzorion Crafty Strike:


My curiosity saved me, I’m already updating the game …

I thought it would take longer lol.

Completed Deinonychus already! :smiley:

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It seems that Velociraptor is not the only one with 132 speed …


Seems like inviting people to Raids is bugged. An alliance member invited me to a raid, I was promoted to log in to Google Play again, then I wasn’t put into the raid. Nothing else happened. I restarted the app and wasn’t in the raid.


@Ned Could you inform the team inviting players to Raids doesn’t seem to work at the moment? I put a description of my experience above.

This is to show off, not report bugs, there is a dedicated section for that.

Does Maxima have two furies? Your chance of being nerfed is high!

Now I’m afraid to take it to level 24…

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How have you lot already updated the game? I still can’t.

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Well this is a shiny new bug to show off. Just the first place I put it. I’ll make an actual bug report when I can.

Apparently Android users can update…

As an Android user I can confirm that is not the case. At least not for all of us.

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Well I’m on iOS so nah.

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