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The show off your shiny new 2.1 stuff thread

Hopefully the maintenance doesn’t take too long, there’s definitely some exciting stuff coming.

Anyway, may good fuses be with you all.


i’m going after the legendary first. i had haast at lv 15 and ready. i’m unable to get the unique turtle due to not haveing enough moth dna. oh well. something to work towards. I don’t need to burn myself out getting every creature in an update. :sweat_smile:


I can’t wait for the new rare hybrid tbh. It’s been a while since we received one


I’m just happy cos this update isn’t like the last one… (being done on Mammotherium Raid day is better than it being done on Mortem Raid day… i missed my chance at it last update. I cried for days… :sob:)


I need the new rex

Hope they will reset boost’s again

All I’m gonna be able to show is my multi-fusion on Poukaidei and Inostrancevium…

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In our case, a bunch of us got in before the update, hoping we would win the lottery and get a lot of Mortem DNA, and we only got 10’s… Those who did it after the update also got the minimum, but that was the smart thing to do since the minimum had been raised and they got more DNA than us… All that being said, also happy that it’s not falling on the Mortem day. Though, if they keep doing update on tuesday, it will fall during the Lux day :frowning:

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I’d finally got 3 friends that I could do it with (I’d completed it twice with them) and we would all do it at the time that the update was in progress, I was searching for them beforehand, but none were around. :frowning: Yeah, I hope the next update doesn’t fall on Lux day either, hopefully they’ll see these comments and do the next one on Sino day. :rofl: (Sorry to all the lower level players, only joking!! :grin:)

sino day is eventually gonna have grypolith.

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Yes, I saw that, looking forward to the new raids. (Just thought a few of the players might get a laugh out of it, I’m bored, there’s an update on, it’s the longest time I’m ever off the game besides sleep. :grin: I reckon Friday might be the weakest day to do an update, not so much on with a Friday compared to the others… even better, an update that only takes 10 min. :rofl:)

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I like these 2 so far!


looks like Gemini didn’t get a 2x DSA

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Just the text or in battle?

Thank you for the rare hybrid image btw i don’t have the update yet

In battle.


You win for first bug found?? :rofl:

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actually that was @Thylo_75
i’m still not in yet. stupid androids.


Wait, the text doesn’t even make sense as it doesn’t even show it at 1x let alone 2x.

2.1 came out on ios?