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The silence of the (support) lambs

As with most of the players that I’ve communicated with, my main issue with the game isn’t even the bugs that aren’t being fixed (although that still sucks), it’s really the fact that nobody seems to be getting any kind of response on anything. I mean, even being angrily told off by an overworked dev is still being acknowledged. Even cable tv providers and Wells Fargo will still tell you to your face that they’re just not going to do anything for you.


Hi Enfeebled,
As far as I am aware, our support staff answers all support tickets. (minus players who have been banned )
If you feel ignored, I apologize.

Any idea why there is no 2 for 1 epic packs in the store today?

So was the no 2-1 the past weekend a bug, or was that intentional and ongoing?

Hi Mstar, We have not permanently removed 2-1 sales on the weekend.

We are creatures of habit :wink: Don’t mess with the card packs or people will freak.

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