The Silent Storm is recruiting active and engaged players!

we are a casual/relaxed alliance (not competitive/try-hard) taking active players of all levels internationally, who at minimum have raids unlocked (player lvl 7+). weekly activity and participation is required, we have a discord to coordinate outside game, and our group has been around for about 6 years and has spanned several games. we provide support and coordination for daily activities/raids, and reference material for encounters. we highly recommend discord use for a fun and complete experience, and encourage constructive input from all members regarding policy and coordination strategies!
we have a moderate pace, but require all members that are able to get at least 10 kills per weekend tournament. we recommend all members to complete all possible strikes, make regular DNA requests, and complete each available raid at least once per day to maintain a minimal rate of progress (based on player lvl). regular activity and participation with the group will bring rank advancement, anyone inactive a week or more will be kicked unless they are ranked (ranked members will be allowed 1 month). admittance subject to availability of spots, message us to secure a position!

NOTE: communication is paramount! if you need to step out of game, you are expected to inform the leadership. the more contribution and dedication collectively from members, the better/more rewards that can be expected!

you may contact me at Pscion#9502 or my R2 at Fazo68#7910