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The Sinoceratops hybrid dilemma


I’m sitting on 3700 sinoceratops dna, and I’ve been struggling for a while about what to do with it. I have 11000 utahraptor dna and 44000 alosaurus dna. After lurking here for some time, decided to ask you guys for any suggestion or advice you can give.

Some things to consider: on the long run, tiranolopho/tenontorex seems to be a viable alternative to allosino/thor, but while I can get tenontosaurus often enough It’s been really hard to find the common dilophosaur. I’m also halfway thru creating diloracheirus, just need some luck with rare scents or a dilo event. Going for utasino may end up conflicting with the leveling of my spíno boi. There’s also the rumor of the distracting rampage nerf, which would make utahrinex a little less appealing… anyway, any help is appreciated


I was in this exact spot not too long ago. Depending on your tarbo supply I would aim in that direction. Hopefully you can get him up to a 22 and have enough sino to save for later with the possibility of unlocking rinex.

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I have both Thor and Rinex, and while Rinex is good and appealing, Thor is a monster, especially in higher arenas. It doesn’t have the speed but it can take out tanks with ease and if you time it right it can kill most dps out there. It all depends on what level your other ingredients are, Tarbo and Dracorex.

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Glad you added dracorex in there :slightly_smiling_face: the harder of the two to get…

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It also depends on what you want. I only battle in the arena for incubators (pesonal choice, no knock on it), so having a godly version of one or the other is not really an issue to me. I basically take turns when I’m locked for a hybrid. Example: Monosteg to 23, then Monomimus to 23, Monosteg to 24, Monomimus to 24, based on epic Mono being my limiter.

I level up a good variety of dinos to give me Strike tower options, rather than focus on the arena. By default I do pretty well there anyway.


I havent unlock rinex yet… but i have thor and i will say this. Thor is an absolute beast… countrary to what some were saying he is even a beast when you create him if hes around team level. I like to play him as a second dino out… and he has taken out three dinos in a row to end a match 3-1 on quite a few occasions… way more then my indo does.

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I heard that thor is really good and worth creating, it is really down to your team and playstyle. And also because I live in local 2 I have a good amount of dracorex around me so it made my choice easier to go for utarinex :smiley:

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I went with Thor and got it up to a 23 before I started working on Utarinex. I live in 3 so Allo is abundant and I have an amazing alliance that is able to donate Tarbo (and it’s easier to obtain than Draco). Thor is a beast and fits my play style of using big chompers with high crit chances for the possible one shots. My goal is to collect them all so I decided to focus on rinex now and once again with the help of my alliance donating Draco I am now 220/250 and should have it this weekend. Then I will do as others have suggested and alternate dinos with common ingredients. Good luck!


I always had luck getting a little sino here and there as needed with capsules, but my luck has changed and haven’t seen one after doing 5-6 capsules. Mentioning this only because I don’t want someone else 10 unobtainable points from a 24 to a 25 thor. Wise man once said only use the sino for good purpose.

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Skipped the discussion but Thor all the way for me


so much yet so little. that dna will burn quickly

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Sino … burns so brightly …


Level 10 on both of them, with 12600 draco and 47000 tarbo to spare. I believe I can get both of them to level 20 and have a little leftover. I live in local 2, so i can get draco… which further muddles my dilemma.

Really liked your approach! As a f2p that mostly plays on my way to work, I’m not really fit for a competitive playstyle. I fight in the arena for incubators as well, and try my best to get the epic incubator pvp reward.


Thanks for all the replies so far! I think I’ll go for thor first… maybe i’ll sleep on it. Gotta be careful spending my hard earned coins :sweat_smile:


For Draco you’ll need about 10.5k DNA to get to 20 leaving you about 2k to play with that’s 4 fuses. And Tarbo will be 31k to get to 20 leaving 16k to play with or 8 fuses.


Thor. Just, thor.



Resources are always an issue. So based on an average of 22.5 from combines I crunched some numbers. To get either Utahsinoraptor or Allosinosaurus to level 20 you would need about 2700 Sinoceratops DNA.

To get to either Thor or Utahrinex uniques from the base legendary it will cost you about another 1250 Sinoceratops.

So what about the other resources needed.
After you reach that point.
For Thor You will need about 22500 Tarbosaurus and about 40,000 Allosaurus DNA.

For Utahrinex you will need about 5500 Dracorex and about 5000 Utahraptor.

If you are chasing after spinotasuchus that Utahraptor usage can be painful.


I would just level utahsino he is a beast i havent unlocked yet and wish i did but heard alot about thor so went in that direction