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The sleepers of 2.0

2.0 has a lot of creatures that seem to dominate the arena and tournaments. Maxima and tryko are perfect examples of creatures that everyone fears now, and thylacotator’s buff is no secret, but there are some creatures that kinda flew under the radar that are important to mention that could be a major threat in the near future.

Lets kick this off with some counter-attackers: One is being used constantly as of now while another saw a bit of a new playstyle. These are Purrolyth and Grypolyth. These 2 have similar, but differnt playstyles and new mechanics and moves really help them out. Grypo used to have a simple boost strategy: all in the hp. But with the regen changes, this is not the case. However, grypo’s stall game became a lot easier as it can reheal every 2 turns rather than 3. This, paired with immobilize means grypo is only really attacking once a turn. Then we have it’s component purrolyth. Purrolyth benefited from the regen mechanic being based on attack thanks to ferocious strike. Now, it can reheal 3000 hp rather than 1800. And with the counter buff it got plus the ferocious boost, it’s doing more damage every counter than carnotarkus. This may allow it to steal suchotator’s “best rare” trophy.

Charging in next is Brontolasmus. This epic was nerfed with the definite rampage nerfed as it went from having 2 rampages to a rampage and an impact. While it did lose some speed with 2.0, it outputs insane damage numbers. 2 impacts that slow with each doing 1950 damage a pop is nothing to sneeze at. And to make things more interesting, it’s topped off with a rampage and an immunity to decel. It hay have had some hp and speed removed, but brontolasmus is back.

Grylenken was a hybrid that everyone said looked cool, but was never great. It’s whole kit was a mess and it had a counter attack that was not too great at all. But now grylenken got some love with some very strong buffs. While not as good as another legendary bird, grylenken got a damage buff as well as a new rampage move. While the downside is that they both have a 1 turn delay, grylenken still has cunning strike to wait it out. And, unlike many speedsters, grylenken has a resistance to decel (although 50%).

Tyrannolophosaur rarely saw any use. All it was good for was to make tenontorex. Well, it got some love that has gone under the radar. With distracting impact, 30% crit, and more attack, tyrannolophosaur is better than 1.14 tenontorex. This thing can reduce the fierce creature’s damage or it can breat through the resilient creatures. And, this thing also can take out big chompers like marsupial lion and 1 for 1 thylacotator. It can also fight the next creature on this list with great success

Finally, we have a creature overshadowed by its superhybrid being the best creature in the game. That’s right, it’s Ardontosaurus who is a MAJOR sleeper of 2.0. 1500 damage on a creature like this isn’t gonna turn out well for anything on the other end. And like it’s superhybrid, we have another 100% trykosaurus counter. In fact, ardont puts out more damage in 2 turns than maxima himself, which is crazy. Now, the hp is where ardont struggles, but it’s not like there isn’t much to go around. And then you have all the resistances and immunitites. This thing now can take out old counters, like carnotarkus, mammotherium, trykosaurus, and so on. This thing could be the big threat of the legendary tournament.


The loss of Grylenken’s Immunity to Deceleration and the nerf of Evasive Stance is unfortunate though.

As for Ardontosaurus, Spinonyx is always around to keep it in line. I expect a lot more variety than previous Legendary Tournaments, especially when it comes to bleeders.

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I use tyrannolophosaur because it was buff

I would still use tenontorex if you can over tyrannoloph. It’s just that it got a lot of love that went unnoticed


Yeah, and raking claws isn’t as good anymore. But it got much better, especially for the legendary tournament with that swap utility

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What about Megalosuchus? It beats Trykosaurus, does a ton of damage to Ardentismaxima and beats Ardontosaurus. It should be really useful in 2.0.
Swap-in damage creatures will be a problem for it though.


I have to look into that. Thanks for the heads up


Another sleeper would be Monolometrodon for sure, it’s attack got a large buff, moveset was made better and it’s speed got buffed too. Also got fierce rampage and a ton of resistances which honestly makes it pretty close in strength to Magnapyritor itself.


True. I just did 5 that stood out, but then @Qaw mentioned megalosuchus. I wish Ludia organized everything better otherwise I would’ve caught these

Ankylocodon immine to all except distract but cleanse it also can break sheilds.

True, but it didn’t really prove itself, even in the rare tournament where it was dropped for the most part by many top teams

mine did i win almost every time along with


Yes, yours did because you boosted it. But in the rare skill tournament is wasn’t as hot. It was decent but not amazing.

Ankys hard to kill high lvl even without boosts its so tanky and immune to everything except distrac and can cleanse distract, slow and remove cloak. Never underestimate a lvl 30 rolly polly. Made the top 200 with both hehe! 7500 rare diloph dna here i come.

Anky made it to the beach and kills erlindom and magnas.

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Not smart to discount Anky.btw that was before 2.0 it was at the beach its even better.

Anky ftw wins every time at rare tourneys yay!

There was only 1 ankylocodon in the top 10 of the rare skill. Dime was a much better choice

It isn’t immune to swap prevention either, so it’s picked off by spino or destroyed entirely by purrolyth, which was the best creature in the tournament

I admit purrolyth is amazing, Dracorex and Delta do amazing too.

Dracorex is much better, but delta is meh