The slowing attack form stegocratops doesn't work

I fight with the stegceratops versus a paramoloch
Ans first the Paramoloch Uwe his first Attack and the stegoceratops the schlowing attack than the paramoloch Uwe his inaktive ans my stegoceratops was stun than the paramoloch can use his 75% attack although he has the slowing effect

By the sounds of it, Paramoloch used instant charge after you used slowing impact. That move is a priority move so will always go first regardless of whether the dino is slowed or not.

Yse but Alter this attack the paramoloch make the first Hit

From the way you describe in your first post the para used an attack, you slowed him, he used a priority attack to stun you and then attacked again when you were stunned. That’s the game working as intended.

The order of battle is this:

Swaps (including any swap in abilities) >> Priority attacks >> Normal attacks (in order of speed).

Priority attacks always go first regardless of whether or not the dino is slower than you.

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Yes i do that to people alot. If your slower when you use stunning attack but faster next turn you will have a free turn due to you recieving your stun on this turn since you were slower at first…

I stopped using stegoceratops recently, however I did notice that against stegodeus you can use slowing impact, then get hit with thagomizer and the stegodeus will retain the initiative. This makes no sense since both moves reduce speed %50 and stegoceratops is faster to begin with. Like I said I haven’t used stegoceratops for a few weeks now so I’m not sure if the glitch has been fixed.

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@Bourneslippy I’ve had an issue with the arrow not displaying over the correct dino before but I don’t remember having any issues with the actual order of battle. But then I’ve not used a Stegoceratops against a Stegodeus before so it could be something specific to that combination.

Let’s look at the actual moves and see if this clears up the confusion from either side. I agree many people get confused with stuns and turns, but i’ve looked at it and I believe the OP is correct, assuming he’s given the correct facts…

Turn 1
Para strikes first with Low Stunning Strike
Stego strikes second with Slowing Impact therefore Para is slowed for 3 turns

Turn 2
Para strikes first with Instant Charge (Priority attack) with guaranteed stun
Stego stunned (loses turn 2 attack)

Turn 3
Stego should strike first as no longer stunned because stun made it lose previous attack.

Unless i’m missing something here the OP is right in that it didn’t work as intended.

@GPx Opps, forgot that last part. I’m on the same page now. That is if it actually does last for 3 turns (Ready to Crush springs to mind), I haven’t exactly been counting. :confused:

It does last for 3 turns. However, as mentioned with Stegodeus, the Stegoceratops is same speed as Stegodeus, but when they both use their 50% and 33% slow attack respectively the Stegodeus is first to attack with no priority attack, but it’s just another bug the Ludia continue to ignore.

I definitely don’t trust the arrow I do my best keep track of initiative on my own and generally know when it’s wrong AS it’s happening, after paying the price a few times. :grin: However with slowing attack I seem to remember it being two turns in a previous description?

Stegoceratops is faster than stegodeus, at least in current iteration.

Oh yes it is faster that’s right, but still Stegodeus goes first when they both use their 50% slow attack.

Exactly, thought I was imagining it thank you. :grin:

Hey TOMTT, our team would be happy to investigate further and prevent these dino ability bugs from happening again. Could you reach out to them here at with your support key and more information on your battle so they can take a closer look?