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The Snowflake Incubator

All right, so this special incubator is supposed to attract carnivores, I think? If I read it right.

Note that this is not a complaint, just my experience, and wondering if anyone else has had this happen.

The first creature attracted was Charlie, followed by Apatasaurus, 3 Stegosauruses in a row, another Apatasaurus, and then Charlie again.

I find it amusing that this created a palindrome (and also that it attracted so many herbivores). XD

I haven’t gotten a second snowflake incubator yet to see if the above was just a fluke or not.

Attracts clawed creatures and a few herbivores.

“A few” meaning almost completely.

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Common : Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus (88.55%)
Rare : Charlie, Delta, Dracorex (10.55%)
Epic : Brachiosaurus, Blue, Sinoceratops (1.01%)

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I love me some real data thank you good sir

the more i used the less epic i got…

Just got a sino, wow

Charlie and the rest stego

Just got blue

I think they just did a terrible job at making the joke. Its spelt claws but i think youre supposed to read it like claus as in santa claus, because it contains the “cutest” contest winners fir the Christmas event.

I have purchased two, but have not gotten any Dracorex… I also couldn’t find any Dracorex when it was a featured dino… Something is seriously wrong with this game…

I’ve encountered brachiosaurus each time I’ve used one! I had no idea I was that lucky.

I’ve also been getting a ton of Dracorex too!