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The so called "progression"

Ever just feel like no matter what you do, no matter how much you boost, or how much you level you’ll never progress because of how horrible matchmaking is? That’s how i feel right now. I’ve actually stopped leveling my arena team because it isn’t worth it, every time i level something up now my matchmaking against opponent teams is about 2-3 levels higher than my own. It’s like an artificial progress block.


Personally I dont care to much about progression. I’d like some new scenery but I’m most concerned about getting plowed by super boosted dinos

There is a problem, but I think it lies with RNG more than the matchmaking.

Did you get your Indoraptor 2? No? Oh, but your opponent did. Did you get a counter? No? Enjoy losing. Don’t worry, the next match the roles will be reversed. Where will that leave you? The exact same place you were before.

Where would it leave you if you both selected your team? One would probably be higher than the other. I know why a lot of people don’t want to have the ability to select their team, but it’s really the main reason matchmaking is a joke in this game.

I just run into droppers and that keeps sending me back to 5100 from 5400-ish. Matchmaker probably can’t do anything about it since the droppers seem to occupy this range a lot. And I heard it’s even worse in Aviary.

I got two cloakers on my team. Just faced a suchotator. It don’t matter, this level 21 indom can do 1504 damage on a strike. That’s a tad bit overpowered don’t you think. The reason is cuz of boosts; a land where anything can be the best and where a diplotator can wreck a 20 indom. just got 500 trex dna from that new incubator. I wonder what its attack will be when 22.

Library and aviary are both a war zone. Some even brag on this forum about “toying around” there with an average lvl 20 team and adding a monster Thor or DC “just for fun”. It’s hideous… and Ludia should really address this ASAP.

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That sounds horrible. I’m at 1430 right now. Should I advance or just cower in estate.

Just progress naturally. Don’t ever be tempted to rush :wink:

I mean 4,430.

Advise remains the same😉

Ah yes, these things:


Progressing goes best slowly. All this time I’m getting step by step. Slowly moving forward. Most important thing is that I never stopped lvling my team. Lvls are more important than boosts.

Why Aviary and Library are a mess? Boosts made fast progress through lower arenas possible. Then these boosted teams hit a wall or few lvl higher teams. Those teams belong there, cause of lvls. Without boosts Aviary would require average lvl 21/22 team, Library 24/25, Gyro 27/28 and Shores all lvl 30 teams.

It does feel like I step backwards when I level my creatures with the insane matchmaking. I definitely agree.

I think the system stone walls you with crazy opponents to goad you into buying boosts and coin for levels personally, but that’s just my tin foil hat talking :laughing:

Why is progress slow? Why did the OG top 500 have it easier?

  1. Boosts made PTW a critical factor to progress. High spenders got a double advantage over FTP due to being able to buy scents, FITs, incs and boosts from the Store instead of grinding for them. Before this they could buy limited incs with scents. Both had a huge luck element to getting what you wanted.

  2. The monthly reset. When I played in the good ole days the reset affected only the top 500 players and had 2 to 3 points of reset. Seasons lasted for more than 2 months so you could go quite far before being reset maybe 900 trophies back. Now its 1000+ trophies and there are more people.

  3. Nublar Shores and its timer. The famous 2 mins of waiting and losing. It does 2 things. Make players have to battle humans so gain or lose trophies as well as make them feel discouraged. So to have faster and often easier battles they avoid advancing to Nublar. Some for a week, some for 3 weeks and some altogether.

  4. Library and Aviary being overcrowded. With monthly resets, players are being pushed
    down to the Library and players climbing up from Manor and Aviary. There is at least 2 to 3 thousand players within 200 trophies of each other. Battles come hard and fast but at the expense of the lower players. This resets their progress monthly. At this point, the Ludia expected outcome is the top 1000 all charge to Nublar and normality is restored in 1 to 2 weeks. The reality: end of the first week the top 20 are in Nublar. The next 700 are in Gyro and the rest of the top 1000 are in Library. This either due to AI farming or intentional dropping. 2nd week and 3rd week pretty much see about half those in Gyro progress into Nublar due to guilty of abusing opponents or desire to get to 6.4k trophies. 4th week everyone else who can go to Nublar will to get their high score and await the reset. Cycle continues with now even more PTW coming in from Manor/Library making it worse.

  5. Ludia not releasing exciting rewards for Seasons and having a 400 point gap for prizes. (6400 to 6800)