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The Solution to the Meta + Endgame Fierce Concepts

TL;DR: Adding some new endgame pure fierce creatures will resolve some of the current arena problems.

Rampant resilients, oppression of cunning, overboosted Thors… not much more I need to say, the meta right now definitely has some flaws…

The current meta is predicated on a rock-paper-scissor type mechanic where one class is supposed to counter the other, and in most cases, it works out fine. But where the system unravels is when there is a lack of viable endgame options in a certain class. Ever wondered why Tryko, Ardent, Gemini, and Mammo dominate the end game?

There simply aren’t enough endgame viable pure fierce creatures to balance the prevalence of resilients and resilient-fierce. Of all classes, fierce is least represented by unique/apex creatures with only Thor and Mortem. Locked by exclusivity until recently, Mortem hasn’t really been introduced into arena teams which leaves one option: Thor. The reason why there are so many overboosted Thors isn’t that Thor is an inherently good creature but rather that there isn’t anything better than Thor currently to serve as a chomper.

This leads us into the third issue, the relative lack of cunning creatures, which is inextricably linked to an overabundance of resilient. With so few pure fierce in the upper arenas, more often than not, a cunning creature is simply a wasted team slot. Not to mention how some resilients actually kill their fierce counters, but that’s another topic altogether…

So what’s the solution? Introduce more pure fierce endgame creatures!* It may not solve all the issues, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. My proposal?

*preferably not endgame fierce creatures with instant moves; one of the reasons why Thors can be oppressive is that despite being slower than cunnings, it can use instant charge to practically one shot faster opponents

Let me know your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, etc. in the comments! Feel free to leave your endgame fierce creature concept down below as well. :t_rex: :t_rex: :t_rex:


The crit reduction and speed resistance is a bit much. Maybe put crit resistance at 75% and either take deceleration resistance to 50% or remove it. Also, maybe a little lower health, like 4850, and damage to 1775 damage. The moves are pretty good, but maybe just revenge shattering rampage instead?

To be completely honest, I don’t even understand why partial resistance to critical reduction exists… my indom with a 50% critical reduction resistance can’t get a critical hit because cunning strike decreases it by 100%.

Deceleration resistance is needed to counter decelerating tanks like maxima and gemini. The moveset and stats allow it to comfortably counter endgame tanks, but I’ll admit I’m a bit torn about revenge DSR or revenge DR, I feel revenge DS might make it more unique?


That’s why I said 75% as it could still crit. The only reason I said 50% on the decel is that this is a monster if speed boosted, plus it can cleanse. It worries me a bit. However, I said DSR mainly so that it can’t counter cunning as much as it does with its cleanse

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You think it’ll be comparable and competitive with Mortem?

It’s better IMO. With the Royal roar+ that rend you came up with, it kills Mortem in 1 shot. I’m against cleanse on fierce myself, so with the definite rampage, it also beats cunning. So IMO, either lose the cleanse or the definite. I’d rather the cleanse myself

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Although I’m not sure Rexy needs to be added to the game, I’m still a big fan of this post. You nailed the reasons why the meta is the way it is, and what it needs to be fixed. You even gave a reason for Nitro Thors that I haven’t even thought of before.


I definitely didn’t want any cleanse moves on a multiplier move, but on a basic strike seems ok, right?

It might work, but that damage with it and the crit Chance.

Glad to hear that you appreciated it, sorry I can’t let up in my pursuit to add Rexy to the game :rofl: :sweat_smile:


I do like your idea as well, it’s just with the resistances, damage and health, it’s a bit crazy. Just a downgrade of those, and it should be a good fierce

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its means that a dino with 30% crit such as indy who has a 50% crit resist at the least can have 15% crit cuz cunning only lasts 1 turn. I really did like the rexy and its hybrids, maybe make rending carnage only 75% but in all reality it can only 60%

That’s rending takedown. This is new.

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I see your point, lemme think about it and I’ll post an updated version

Any other suggestions besides the cleansing and resistances @Cheeseeater @Mudkipz?

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Oh, I know. I said in reality, the highest rend there will ever be is 60 and I sugested that rending carnage if it exists, it should be 75%

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No. The speed is fine, leave that. The moves are ok, just either change the definite or cleanse, but not both. And the only resistances that need changes are Decel and Crit. Health and damage only need small tweaks down, like 100 each.

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I’ve been saying for a while that crit reduction resistance is broken. Right now it subtracts the crit reduction resistance from the total crit reduction, but then it subtracts that from your total crit chance rather than reducing your crit by that percentage. So for 40% crit chance against cunning strike with 50% resistance, 100% crit reduction - 50% resistance = 50% effective reduction. But instead of reducing the 40% crit chance by 50% to 20% crit chance, it subtracts 50% crit chance from 40% to give 0% crit chance (-10% crit chance). It’s just ridiculous. All they have to do is change a little bit of the math and it’ll all work out fine.


I agree. And if they ever add the armor removal for fierce, they shouldn’t do the cunning system.

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I’m not sure that Royal Roar should nullify. Cleansing self and speed increase are fine, but nullifying allows it to remove dodge, which right now is one of the few ways to counter these guys since they can cleanse distraction (on a similar note, I don’t think Allocanthotyrannus should have a definite rampage, maybe just revenge shattering rampage would be fine since it let’s it use it turn 1 with no cooldown).


Wait it nullifies? Yes, apparently. That should be removed.

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