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The Solution to the Meta + Endgame Fierce Concepts

Looks like E750 has been more or less confirmed to be Scorpis Rex, does this mean we’re getting another Rex hybrid? I hope so… :t_rex:

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Either that or another Apex

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considering it has rex in the name, it should be partly rex tho right?

Well ‘Rex’ just means ‘King’ in Ancient Greek, so not necessarily


another update, again Rexy-less, and no endgame fierce… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Check it out: Ludia needs more Fierce creatures :fire:

I have 2 things:
1.How do you made the icon of Alpha Inscint?
2.I maked a version of your creatures:

Note: Every creature is exclusive
Note 2: Atroxideutyrannus looks like T.Rex + Indotaurus


I’m definitely not near endgame, only mid aviary. But I do feel both those epics are far better than trex which seems a bit much idk. And then that unique name LMAO Idk how anyone wud manage that oof XD. Both the hybrids sound nice

I have my versions of the bosses of JWTG:
descarga (1)


What is the best:

thank you @Hector_Aparicio_Fern! amazing ideas and creature concepts, would love to see them added to the game :fire: :fire:

as for Alpha Instinct, it took some digital editing with Adobe Photoshop to get the icon :sweat_smile:

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If someone’s said it already, feel free to ignore this, but Rexy’s name is supposed to be Roberta. That is, if we’re talking about the OG Queen of Jurassic Park, the rough and tumble, ready to rumble, the HBIC, T. rex from the movies.

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The original name is absolutely Roberta, but Rexy is so popular that apparently they canonized it as the/an official name.


They canonized it? Well that’s new to me lol, would you happen to know when this happened?


I don’t know, I just remember making a similar point as @Unicornodon and someone brought that up like Treverow recognized it or something. It may be less official than I implied, but they at least seem to recognize it as the official name at some capacity within the JP/JW production.


Ah ok, that’s interesting, I knew of both her names, was just curious about the officiality of one lol


I think they use “Rexy” in Camp Cretaceous, which sounds pretty official to me.

Edit: Yeah, Brooklynn or Yasmina calls her Rexy in Ep. 1 or 2 of the second season, the episode where they’re trying to activate the emergency beacon.


@Saurophaganax18 @Snake_Dude @Mudkipz @Unicornodon

The animatronic was nicknamed Roberta in Phil Tippett’s storyboards for the first film [1] however, the majority of fans address her as Rexy , the nickname given to her in the original novel, Jurassic Park: The Game , The Evolution of Claire and Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous .

(Source: Jurassic Park Wiki with hyperlinked references)

So yes, Roberta is the name of the real-life animatronic in the first Jurassic Park movie whereas Rexy is the name of the actual Tyrannosaurus individual that has appeared in the movies within the in-franchise universe.


Yeah if it’s in the novel I’d argue that Rexy is even more official


How you do a survey to decide what is the best fierce unique?