The solution

I think i figured out what would fix procera. Its speed. If it was a lot slower it qould be much easier to deal with. I dont know why its so fast anyway or why its so powerful. In reality it looks like it would be really weak. Yet somehow it can take down entire teams and one shot some dinos. I think they should make it slower or take away its immunity entirely. This creature in life would not be immune to getting broken bones or bleeding. An ankylosaurus or stegosaurus could definetely take one down. I dont understand why the ornithomimids of all dinos have immunity. Tell me what you guys think would help more; taking its speed or taking away its immunity.


Well both parents have too much DMG, so can’t nerf that. Health or Speed can do

It’s supposed to be a glass cannon, but someone got carried away when they applied the stats. I agree that it shouldn’t be so fast, that’s what raptors were supposed to be good at.


Back before the raptors were nerfed two years ago, sure. At least now we have one speedy annoying chicken instead of a whole team of Raptors swapping in and out, pouncing and striking your whole team to death. Procerathomimus is frustrating, but not impossible to handle. With the appropriate team composition and strategy, he’s very weak.

Except you could always slow raptors. You can’t do anything to this thing because it’s immune to everything.

That’s why people did the swapping. Does no one remember that? You would put in your raptor, pounce. If your opponent slowed you,you swapped out for another one. Superiority didn’t exist yet, either, so it was far easier to dodge slowing abilities. It was the wild west.