The Soulrider family wants YOU!

Hi all!

We’re a super clan that with global membership that want to recruit dragonriders into our ever growing family. We currently have two clans going: One for newer players called Soulbound who want to grow their team and get tips and tricks from more experienced players and our original clan called Soulstorm for people with higher powered teams to tackle hard alphas.
We have a very active discord chat where you can find dedicated chat channels for alpha strategy, team building and game news as well as our general chat to socialise with other clansmen.

Soulbound is our more relaxed group with no minimum power or alpha damage requirements where you have the potential to step up to Soulstorm when you’re ready.

Soulstorm requires 5k power team and minimum 70k damage to the alpha per day. We’re currently taking down 7 star alphas easily and making progress toward consistently defeating 8 star alphas.

Join us on discord and happy hunting!

Soulstorm is now on to 9 stars Alpha.

Please PM me if anyone is interested.

Hi, I am interested in joining Soulbound. My Team is currently at 3500

@Pilzi Perfect! Please apply.

Great, but is it possible to invite me to the clan because somehow the search button in the clan section is missing, so I am unable to find it. My username is BriskFire#1552

@Pilzi You got it. An invitation will be sent shortly once my admin on Soulbound gets online.

Thank you!

I got the invitation and joined but there’s a bug, so I can’t use the chat function.

Try restarting the game.

Hi I just joined Soulbound. In game name GuddyHa.

Welcome aboard!

Hey Darconis, please check ur PM thx! :slight_smile:


Responded. :wink:

We are still looking for more for both Soulstorm and Soulbound.

Please PM me if interested.

Thank you.

1 spot available today in Soulstorm.

Soulbound has multiple openings.