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The spark

I know it’s a game but is there a character you’re like I wish they were real and your partner?

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Fei, Eveline, Adam and Jamie.

Not going to lie though. Roy is quickly growing on me.

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Sage, Jade, Elizabeth, Ingrid, Fei. I think Daniel and maybe Skylar, Damien and Wyatt if I was female


Mine are:

Nina, Fei, Julia, Eve, Bex, Aesha


Hmmm maybe Albert and Damian.
Skylar and Dr Vile would be fun, there’d never be a dull moment if they were RL relationships :joy:

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I’d have to go with Bex, Clementine, Dahlia, Fei or Nina.

You say it’s only a game, but fictional characters can be just as, if not more relatable than real people if written well. I know I’ve had more of an emotional attachment to some fictional characters than I have to real people.


I don’t mean that as disrespect I know they can be more relatable than people. In fact I have had emotional connection to some of the Lovelink characters


I didn’t think you meant it as disrespect :smiley:

Albert because he’s spicy and when he comes on with the “Hey Baby” I just glow IRL (and my husband is in no way phased because he says that’s good game programming).
Also Dr. Vile because even though he’s a villain, he just does something for me.
Can’t forget Garrett, because I just want to him to find love and his daughter to be cool. And let’s be honest, he’s a DILF.


Has to be Austen for me. Something about him - makes me melt

Mine would be:
Adam (omg he has pretty eyes), Keanu, Mamoru, Franz & my favorite, Albert (he kinda looks like my husband did when he was in the Army).

Dr. Vile would be interesting; never a dull moment.

Franz, Jonathan, Momaru (?)

Mostly Franz actually.

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Skyler and Anna

I have to say Antoine and Franz. Maybe even Adam. Other i still have to see how story goes.

Jonathan and Jamie, my two top favorite :heart_eyes::relaxed:
Dr. Vile and Keanu seem like they would be pretty intriguing irl too. I had high hopes for Noah/Antoine but then got disappointed in their storyline, well it happens irl a lot too though. As for the rest I rather prefer them as fictional characters :laughing:

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I think it would have to be Mamoru and Keanu for me. Both of them had me grinning in real life throughout their entire stories.

Austin and Emerson are also precious to me, but in real life…hell no. I would loose my patience with both of them so fast. :joy:

Emerson has me cracking up ALL the time. Not my style irl but I’m loving his story.

I’d go for Gabe, Emerson or Julien