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The spawn rate of dinosaur's

I would like if ludia fixed the spawn rate of dinosaur’s becouse i used to find so many monolophosaurus gen 2 and now I can’t find any the same with my clan mates.Tell me if you guys have the same thing with any dinosaurs after the update has happened

Well, the thing is, every set period of time or update (I can’t remember) locals shift. Monog2 spawns in local 3 I believe. You likely used to be local 3. With the local shift, your local shifted also. As such, different dinosaurs will spawn for you since the area you live in now lies in a different local. (Checkout gamepress for stuff about spawns, or really anything regarding jwa)


Yeah the first Monday of every month, you switch your local area to one of four different local spawn pools. Monolophosaurus Gen 2 is in local 4, so you’ll only find it where you live every four months. The good news is if you can find a local 4 now, you can find Monolophosaurus there.