The special event dinosaur doesn't change


I have been playing the game and I went to a park and I see a special dinosaur and I got it and then the next day it’s the same one and then the day after that it’s the same dinosaur still


Sometimes the events can go on for a few days at a time


That may be so that everyone playing can have enough of a chance to get that dinosaur if they choose to do so. Many may not be able to just get up and go right when it appears. Just my thought.


Or maybe the dinosaur was seen one day, then you came back to the same place before 10 AM saw the same dinosaur because it hadn’t reset yet, and yelled “What does it mean!?”


Idk:man_shrugging: it is hard to say. Could also be a glitch that has yet to be fixed.


We just had the Rares for 3 days (Procerato/U-Raptor/Dracorex) … but it’s possible that you always saw the same one at your local Stop.


We have had several over the last few weeks. They could be trying to give everyone a chance to get some of the rares that they wouldn’t normally be able to get.