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The stat boosts problem

Ludia in case you haven’t notice people don’t like the stat boost and some people are quitting because of it personally I don’t think is that bad but if you guys are not going to get rid of it I have a suggestion for how to completely change how it works

  • So there is three categories to boost and each has the limit of investment. Maybe change the limit for the whole thing.
    For example the limit is 10 a player can to decide to waste on 7 attack and 3 health or 3 speed 5 health and 2 attack.

  • This could work because u would never know the outcome, But if it’s the same limit for each category(stack, speed, health) in the end the stats would all be the same only people that have money to burn will reach it first

I don’t know if I explain my self good or if someone already came up with the thought but I just want to throw that out there and I think it would probably work great.

There already is a limit for the whole thing based on dinosaur level. The problem still remains that each tier of boost (2.5% health/attack stat increase per tier) is OP which creates a huge disparity when matches are made.

The biggest problem is players putting all there boosts into 1-2 dinos creating crutches. Which gives an overwhelming feeling to players who don’t have as many boosts and or didn’t boost like that.

So it makes players feel like boosts are way more powerful. Leading to feeling like they have to pay to keep up at all.