The Stegodeus Topic

While the nerf didn’t hit Steggod as hard as I thought it would, it greatly limited her usefulness, and now there are several easily obtainable counters to her. For that reason, I was wondering if she’s is worth investing coins in past level 20. She is still a fantastic option, but will she’s continue to be valuable past Jurassic Ruins? What are y’all’s thoughts?

I’m in aviary and just leveled mine up to 23. There are still pleeeenty of stegods out there

She’s still around at the highest levels. No question, keep leveling up.

Mine at level 25 in aviary does its job very well

6500 hp stegod :muscle:

She’s lost a lot of appeal as an opening play, but still a god.

still great but stegosaurus is hibernating

Taking mine up to 30. At 26 now. Still a beast if used correctly.

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Still great against idominis with it’s shield and being a heavy hitter

Just in the diluted park spawn table…

Makes me strongly consider working on giga… all its components are way more readily available.

Epic strike towers are a better source of epic incubators than arenas. Worth leveling Stegod just for those.

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giga ingredients are definately available… ive got a little giga on my team. (lvl 26)

I’ve been playing since launch and still haven’t unlocked the giga


Ive created giga and nodotitan just for the sake of creation. Theyre both level 16. Meanwhile stegod is 30 :sweat_smile:

stegod and giga lvl 26🤷‍♂️

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Yea once u get 26 dna is a GRIND. That lost 2500 dna for stegod nearly killed me

Don’t level past 20

Yeah, thats kinda my point with stegosaur now in parks only outside of these scents ive picked up a few of. Stegosaur is gonna be a bit scarce for me… Im considering creating and leveling giga just cause i see more of his rare then I do stegasaurs…

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This is super impressive… especially considering they both require nodapato!

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creation is ez… pvp with it and see if you like it.