The Stegodeus Topic

my goal was 26 for deus just for the 1k dmg. ill be doing the same for giga but im going to wait a bit. stack the dna and maybe around 1.6 ill decide.

the dna was readily available so it wasnt that hard. thanks for appreciating my accomplishment.

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Ironically before seeing this post I leveled mine to a 26 a few minutes ago. Brick craphouse lol

All I can say is I still believe in the legendary super tanks - since leveling Stego to 26 and Trago to 25 I’ve come close to 5,000 trophies (can you believe it… 4,999 :laughing:) for the first time. Just a few extra HP can often make all the difference!

Yes, I’ll be leveling them further… the DNA is much easier to get than that for any unique (other than Indoraptor, now also 26).

Many of the highest ranked players still use Stego, that tells me something :wink:


I just levelled mine to 28 last night and will keep on doing so. The SS nerf is overrated. Now, getting the coins to level it up again is going to be the problem.