The story missions disappeared

I had two story missions: level up 2 dinos to at least 20 and feed an herbivore 5 times. I already leveled one Dino up to 20, and I tried to feed my triceratops (level 15) up to 20, when I did, it only gave me the rewards for one of them and there were no more story missions.

Also, now when I try to log in, it just kicks me out of the game.

You probably did all the available missions for your level. Level up and it should be “fixed”

That doesn’t fix the problem that I cannot even log in or get my rewards from the other mission.

I’m sorry to hear about that, Thoughtfulraptor. Our team will be able to assist directly if you email them at with some of your account information.

Thank you!

The problem has been fixed. I just logged in and it worked.

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