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The story of a total loser, or, suggestions on how to fix this mess

I hate 1.7.33 and I tried to quit, but hey, play something for a minimum of 4 hours a day for a year and well, you just can’t drop it like that! So, I did the darwin event and finally made ptero (now I have all but one - geminititan 30/250), and I got all my irritator today (day off) and am now one fuse short of a L26 magna.

I have also been battling. All weekend. And losing - over and over again. Pre-1.7 I was top 250. Now I’m 42XX or so and stuck in Lockwood. With THIS Team. (before boosts I usually played tryo or diloroach in anky’s place)

In 1.6 this team kept me right up there. I never liked thor, tryko, utarinex, erlidom… I created them but never really used them. They seem cheap, as cheap as or cheaper than the reviled DC, but since I had a decent team that could counter them I kept up, and all my work seemed worthwhile. Hours and hours, night and day.

What’s changed? 2 things. Boosts, and matchmaking.

With a team average of 29.25 I get matched with 5000+ players, no matter how low I fall. 4100? Doesn’t matter, get matched with someone who is at 5400. THEN you run into the boosted monsters. Yes, I boosted my counters, but when you add in the critical chances on tryko and thor - it doesn’t seem to matter. Those things are boosted to the heavens, and when a thor with almost 3000 base damage comes out, well, just forget it. Utarinex is manageable - IF I start my boosted ankylocodon at the same time, then I usually win if they don’t go running. If I don’t get anky? Well, another 30+ trophy loss. Seems like if you don’t play at least thor, tryko, and erlidom (boosted of course) there’s zero chance to be a top 500 competitor. Yeah yeah, I know, I don’t have to be that way, just battle and have fun - but I’ve worked too hard to just sort of swallow my pride and deal with it.

So my suggestions are this - fix matchmaking. Weigh trophies heavier again. I could fall to the marshes and still be matched with 5000+ trophy players (it seems, luckily it’s never come to that - yet).

My next suggestion is this - It is now time for a 12 to 16 dino team with cooldown periods for dinos. Ludia themselves say to spread boosts evenly over your team and roster and well, it’s a nice idea, but reality is something different, especially with boosts for sale every day. Soon there will be thors and trykos and the like that are just unstoppable. All people will need to do is draw just one of them and it’s a 0-3 match. Larger teams and cooldowns will force people to even things out. Perhaps at player level 15 you need a twelve dino team, and at 18 you go to a 16 dino team. I myself like the idea of a two battle cooldown, meaning once a dino is selected for a battle it cannot be selected again for two more battles.

As far as the bottom line goes, could be a money earner too, since Ludia seems to need a cash incentive to do this sort of thing.

My 2¢. Feel free to discuss.

EDIT: I’ve resorted to keeping my L2 bronto on my team as the average wrecker to get more reasonable match-ups. Seems to work, but could just be in my head too.


just boost Thor and switch it for ankylocodon

um, no… … … … …

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well expect more boosted 3-0 thors to come… just a warning because everyone deals with it (and badly)

Theres alot more wrong then just boost thor for anklycodon… his teams is at 4200… let that completely sink in…

Then there is me…

This is about solutions to the problem, not just becoming part of it.

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well, at least he could try that to return to aviiary

welp… i tried

To simply say ‘play a boosted thor and you will climb again’ pretty much IS the problem. To compete, you need to play ONE dino. One.


It wont matter… he will continue to be pitted against teams in the top of the leaderboard…

Thats what you dont seem to understand here is despite the fact i am 500 trophies higher then him he wont get matched against a team lile mine… so he has to climb from 4200 fignting teams in the 5k trophys.

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then what about boosting Utahsino?

Recent opponents list…

And me…

Not to be rude… but dino selection isnt whats keeping him at 4200…

In order from him to climb he would have to pull out a team of level 25s boost them… just to climb.

What sucks is if you put like 3 or 4 under levelled, over boosted Dino’s on your team, you’d eat your way up fast on lower trophy players.

Trophies now have litterally no sense. I also dropped by a thousand points like you because of boosts so i decided to start working on a secondary team with swap in abilities and counter attack as main mechanics. Now i’m stable at your same trophy range (4100-4300). But with level 21 dinos non boosted.
This is my team right now:

The only boosted dino is erlidom and it’s there because was included in this idea of team composition.
Matchmaking seems working fine to me (not perfectly but i think it needs adjustment), but the actual trophy system that is related to it has no sense at all.
They are contradictory. So i stopped considering trophies, but i admit that this trophies loss makes you feel like your whole work of this last year had been wasted.

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I think the op makes some excellent points , and I fully agree that the matchmaking system is diabolical since 1.7 was introduced .
For the op , seriously consider losing all the level 30s and put level 20s in your team . Slowly but surely climb back up using the new team by selectively boosting lower level dinos and you’ll have more fun .
I can now see why the new matchmaking system is trying to stop droppers , even though the op isn’t deliberately doing this .

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I think there is something in their algorithms that is like if youve ever been in avairy you can still be matched with people in avairy.

They never announced this part of the algorithm but it seems to be their i just got matched against someone at 4200… took 20 trophies from them.

Hmmm… So let me think. If a 21 none boosted team can get past 4000 trophy’s then maybe trophy’s are even being taken into account. If I boosted a team of 11 dinos on my 2nd account, I could win against like low teams all the time and make it up to Avairy playing level 11 average teams.

I wouldn’t try this but it’s a thought.

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In all the debates about match making prior to 1.7 many stated this was a possible outcome of a match making system that valued levels so much higher then trophies… both should play a factor but its not really the case.

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With the current trophy algorithm lower level strongly boosted teams have a clear advantage. Any 30’s on your team will assure you 10 trophy wins and 50 trophy losses against such teams. Unless and until this is corrected players like you, who should be on the LB, will continue to drop with unfavorable matches.

I’ve posted this in several threads with examples… but get the impression that nobody cares :frowning: