The Story of An Alloraptor

The morning dew from the yellowed grass dripped down the stalks, hitting the ground and disappearing instantly. The sky is clear, and the fluffy white clouds float above the sunlight soaked landscape. A wild testacornibus grazes a short distance away from his group, munching on the plentiful green ferns that grow near the yellow grass. He is wary of his surroundings, but he is slightly distracted by how good the ferns taste. This tiny fact is what lead to his untimely demise.
Before he could finish chowing down on the bright green sprout, the Alloraptor had him on his side, and was tearing out all of his organs, feasting on the tastiest ones. What had happened had only been seen by a lone pterovexus, who had watched the Alloraptor jump out of the bush and attack. Unbeknownst to the Alloraptor, the Testacornibus was still alive. As the Alloraptor ate, the organs began to regenerate. Before the Testa was finished healing though, the Alloraptor left, having eaten his fill. The Testa got up, and vowed that he would kill that Alloraptor, even if it was the last thing he did.

Meanwhile, the Alloraptor was happy, and it was because he had managed to take down his first Testacornibus. He had planned for weeks, waiting for that one Testacornibus to wander off, as he usually did. And he had succeeded.

He couldn’t wait to tell his Alloraptor friends, who, for some reason, were still obsessed with the old ways of fighting fairly in arenas. He only knew of a few other creatures that followed the rituals, and those were the Gemini’s and the Grypolyth’s. But that didn’t matter right now, because he was happy, and he wasn’t going to worry about the old ways.

He walked through the meadow, and came across a small river. A stegoceratops stared at him, her eyes warning him of the danger he could face if he attacked her. He took a sip of the clear water, and was almost bitten by a feisty Antarctovenator. He jumped back, and laughed at how slow it was. Insulted, the Anatarcto slid back into the water.

The Alloraptor walked away, back into the meadow. He didn’t see the Testacornibus watching him, following him, hunting him.


Wow cool story

Haha, nice one! What happened next?

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I will try one too

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A thunderous strong echoed through the forest, a roar could be heard from the distance. A tyrannosaurus Rex was running away from something. Just as it thought it was fine for now, Mortem Rex came into the clearing, illuminated by a glow of lightning, but instead of attacking, it ran past tyrannosaurus Rex. A greater monstrosity awaits in the darkness. Suddenly the tree beside tyrannosaurus lit on fire. it kept running, but it was too slow. Tyrannosaurus Rex lit on fire, but who was behind all this? Just then, Omega 9 appeared, its lightning electrocuting everything near it and the heat of it burned everything in a 10000 km radius. It was the powerful , but something was immune to the lightning, something stronger than imaginable…

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Nice. Then what?

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Hadros Lux layed on the ground, it had just been killed by the Mortem Rex, but the lightning from Omega 9 awoke it. With fury in its eyes it lets out the brightest glow in history. It kills the Mortem but Omega 9 suddenly bites it and tries to rip its neck apart. Hadros lets out another glow which blinds Omega 9. Its charges in with full force, aiming for the head, making Omega 9 vulnerable ( Resilient rampage style ). Its calls upon Ceramagnus and with its oversized horns, impales Omega 9 ( swap in stunning strike style ). Omega 9, bleeding and on the verge of death lets out a roar, all the bosses in JWTG come to help it. Hadros lux calls upon all the Apexs in JWA. The legendary battles of the bosses has began

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I been thinking of making a series about this, it has been fun

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Oh nice story

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I made one

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Lets us see it

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In a beautiful summer afternoon, where the sunlight glows like fire, was a pond. A spinosaurus was fishing happily in the right corner. In the left corner was a baryonyx, fishing with its claws. They spoke with each other. The spinosaurus had no friend, so it became friends with the baryonyx. “Do you have any friends?”, asked the spinosaurus. The baryonyx replied, “2 of them. They are hunting now.” They both caught their fish and went to see the other two. They had caught 2 stegosauruses. They asked, “Who is this?” The baryonyx replied, “He is a spinosaurus. He became friends with me on the pond.” This baryonyx reads a lot of books. “We will not share the meat with him!”, replied the other two. “What do you prefer: the meat or your friend?” The baryonyx started to think. At last he made a decision. He declared that he will go with his friend. And so they went, both sharing the fish they hunted, to the other side of the forest. Suddenly, there was a rustling sound. They were alert. And there jumped the beast with scars on its tail. Tapping its claws, the hungry indoraptor stood before them, roaring. The spinosaurus did not know about it, but the baryonyx said he read about it in a book called Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He said everything about it. The indoraptor was outnumbered, and killed by the pair. They ate their fill, leaving only a claw behind. But the path they took lead them to the place they started. On the other end, the other two were worried about their friend and started to search for him. On the way, they saw the indoraptor claw marks and its claw on the ground, and thought that their friend was eaten by the indoraptor. SO, they took the claw home, crying. They did a funeral for the claw. On the other end, the pair was almost home. The baryonyx told the spinosaurus that the baryonyx family and the indoraptor were huge enemies. When they reached home, they were shocked. The baryonyx charged at his friends, shouting. “How dare you do all this for an indoraptor claw!”, it roared. The other two, astonished, asked, “You’re alive? We thought the indoraptor ate you, but it happened the other way round! Now come and have lunch. You too, spinosaurus.” Now, they all lived happily ever after.
- To Be Continued


YES. This is amazing. As an alloraptor user (probably the most well known alloraptor guy), I like


I did a Godzilla one. I could do this but it may suck

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Part 2 will come tomorrow if I have time.


I am making a series about this on another forum page, I calling it boss battles pls check it out

I read both the parts

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I love stories

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Part 2:

As the Alloraptor traversed the green meadow, the Testacornibus followed him. The Alloraptor went on an erratic trail, as he sensed he was being followed. If only I could be as big as a spinotahraptor or an indom,he thought, I wouldn’t have to run and hide. But he was not, and he kept going on. Suddenly, he though of a plan.

Meanwhile, the enraged Testa grew more and more angry. It grew so angry in fact, that it started to mutate. It grew and grew until it had reached the last dredges of the deep dark pit of rage. He trotted around with his new form, gazing down through the grass with his now telescopic eyes. His sail caught the sunlight and glinted a bright amber, transparent and glowing. His body rippled with muscles, and he felt like he could do anything. First he would kill the puny Alloraptor, and then he would enjoy his life.

The Alloraptor had the somewhat raptor-ish idea of circling around the creature and attacking from behind. He did not know what the creature was, only that it had been following him for the last two miles. He circled around the endless field and was behind the creature at last. He was ready.

The Alloraptor was about to attack, but he suddenly felt a cold darkness wash over him. The sun was gone, and he was in a twenty foot long shadow of a mutated Testacornibus. The monster was as tall as a T. Rex, and it has grown a sail and a massive whip tail. The monstrosity connected with him in his mind. *You. You have created me. You killed my useless body, one that I had longed to get rid of. I thank you. But did you not think your intelligence and power would not be noticed? You think little of me. I have noticed, and I have been watching.*The Alloraptor wondered when the beast would stop gloating and get to his point. The thing is, you cannot stop me. No one can. Not even all of the Apexes. At this moment, Alloraptor bounded away to warn the apexes. The monster followed, trampling everything that stood in its way. It head butted a Brachiosaurus, snapping every bone in its neck. It kicked an Edmontosaurus 100 feet into the air. It crushed a flock of Archaeopteryx. But it couldn’t catch the Alloraptor. The Alloraptor sprinted, wishing he had speed boosters so he could get to the Apexes quicker.
The Hadros was the first to see the behemoth, killing everything in a murderous rage to get to the raptor. He alerted the other Apexes and they went out to fight. They had been fully boosted, and they were the strongest creatures in the land.
Spinoconstrictor followed them, wanting to get an award for helping.
The Apexes attacked. Gorgotrebax, along with Haast Maximus were the quickest, and they went first. The giant bird was plucked from the sky by the antlers and thrown into a tree. Gorgotrebax was tossed in the air, and he smacked the ground and rolled in front of the Mortem. His last words were: You were the best of us

The mortem shed a tear, and attacked.

The Alloraptor darted off into the thick forest while Haast was being killed.

The Hadros joined the clash between mortem and The Testa.

Hydraboa was stepped on.

Ceramagnus rammed the deer with its horn, but the horn broke off.

The deer was unkillable.

Mortem took a kick to the knee and went down. Hadros, with all of its power, was impaled by the tail and screamed. They were losing. Mortem bowed in surrender, Ceramagnus ran, and the forest went silent.

The deer stood over the Mortem, and kicked down so hard that the leg went straight through the Mortem’s body. Mortem died.

The Testa heard something then. A crashing and a rumble. The rumble continued and grew louder. And louder. Hundreds of types of dinosaurs broke the tree line, the Alloraptor leading them. They continued charging, never stopping, for if they did the Testacornibus would have time to react.

The flood of dinosaurs and hybrids alike swept of over the stunned deer. Thousands of feet squished the monstrosity, pulverizing it into a fine red powder. The monster was finally dead.

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