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The story of Indoraptor G2| The Story Of | #1

Since his inclusion in the game, he was unstoppable beast, nothing hid from him, he fought side by side with the best, a killing machine.

Outperforming his sister by far, and demonstrating perfection in flesh and blood, demonstrated being "cautious"and “fierce”, white as light, the light of death

Little by little, every time it was time to attack everything, she did not manage to be accurate most of time (DSR), therefore, against clever dinos, she hand no alternative but to be cautious, not even the greatest were safe. She was excellent at the time, bus as time passes, stronger than expected beings (Gemini, Lania) forced her to make decisions that would affect her in the future(nerf). It lasted a very long time in the sand, showing resistance.

In the new era (2.0), she has had a hard time resisting and getting used to her rivals, they know how to deal with her and she chose to go the cautious way, which is not giving her excellent results.

It’s living proof that getting to the top the easy way comes at great cost…

After all, she’s still better than er sister, but against apponents it can vary.

I want to do a series of this “The story of” if it is apolloned, let me know what you feel about my story of the white beast :smiley:


that was accurate and beautiful. the misgendering triggered me a little but very niceu ceasar chan

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I love it, are you going to do one every day? @BenauGr_FZ

Canonically, the indo is a male but otherwise pretty good story and a vaulable lesson to the people who go after the next crutch


Wow, I love it! Now OG Indo please, of course if you play for long enough. If no, maybe something newer, like Prorat or Maxima or Monolorhino

Loved the story :grinning:. If you dont mind, I suggest Strictor for the next one

Beautiful tribute. The haters love to see it when you get knocked off the top of the mountain

@Dinosaur_King Yes!! My idea is to follow and tell everyone’s story :smiley:

@NewNewbie Clear!! I accept any kind of suggestion :ok_hand: :smiley:

@BenauGr_FZ Good job there. I love the first story of this new series. Wishing this series is a success :smiley:

Can you do a piece on molonometrodon? Finally she can somewat stand shoulder to shoulder with her better cousin Magna, and come out of the poorer cousin shadow lol.

Mmm… Same the Monolometrodon story is interesting, i have material for 2 days :rofl: :grin:

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When is the next one coming? @BenauGr_FZ

You have to make one for dracoceratops, the original rat, you just have too😂

Yes, please make one for every fallen annoying creature :wink:

Of course, my goal is to make everyone’s story :grin:

ok, lmao, yay!