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The story of Smilonemys | The Story of | #3 + Rework(you need it)

She fierce, cunning and armored cat becomes the highest bluff runner capable of taking down beasts (Erlidom, dino g1 and g2). Her entrance to the arena was an exploration, since she marked the beginning of fast and highly armored beings, her stun-proof skull, gives her not to be stunned by anything and at the same time, stun 66% of the time upon entering (swap in stun)

A few beasts trembled against her, the sprinters fainted to see her emerge, attacking and holding on, patience is virtue, patience grants victory.

the mere fact of prowling showed the opponent that he was preparing to attack with everything and still had energy saved,attack with everything and then run away, enter fully prepared again, attack with everything and run away, his strategy was rare, but no less effective, confuse the opponent, and make him believe what is not (when you think they will return to exchange, but no) was essential to eliminate the beasts

the new era (2.0) finds it difficult to maintain its place in the arena, now it neutralizes everything, they force it to take the easy path, it does not want to, I hope that it seeks a balanced path, equally, it is enough to go out into the arena and your opponent will be frustrated by not being able to eliminate it quickly.

As much as it costs you to stay, it does not take away the shine that you were, or that you will be … who knows :wink:


In this specific case, I think it is very undervalued, I use it at level 22 with bruised magnifications and it works quite well, but I would like it to be better because it takes a kilometer of effort to create and level it :joy:

maybe something like, less speed, more damage and better abilities, something like:

RAKING POUNCE: attack x2. removes cloak and evasive abilities. Pierce armor. distraction for 1 turn[ cooldown: 1 Delay: 1]

Class: Tank and Fierce

Health: 4050
Attack: 1250
Speed: 126
Armor: 50%
Critic: 5%

Decelerating Shield Strike
Prowl[75% to dodge and 100% cirtical]
Raking pounce
Rampage and run

100% to stun
100% to distraction
75% to decrease speed
40% to swap prevention
50% to vulnerable

I really feel that an attack to help him pierces the armor would help him a lot.

let me know what you think about the story and rework of our armored cat, greetings :wave: :wink:


Good story and I completely agree with the rework! :+1:

Nice story :smiley:
Although i don’t agree much with It getting raking pounce. This is a creature made to counter faster opponents that don’t have any armor, so having this ability won’t help with that and could make It unbalanced by beating the stuff that should beat It.
None of it’s ingredients have an armor piercing move and i think it’s fine without in the niche It has. I like the buff It got with the 4200 HP, helps a lot, so i would keep that. Although It was unnecessary to nerf the damage, 1100-1200 is a good range for It. The other issue with raking pounce is that If such a move existed in the game It probably would have a delay, as It is an 2x armor piercing move, and in this case It would be a nerf.
I like the changes you made to prowl. When It comes to resistances, i would trade the 100% distraction around with the 75% speed decrease. Having 100% speed decrease is way more useful to It in my experience.


there is an theme related to that, it was called something like “to improve smilonemys first you have to improve smilodon”, in this case smilodon would stop being a runner and change to class “cunning and fierce”.
smilodon would have more life, about 1300 attack and about 128 speed with resistances that would help it (distraction and stun) and thus smilonemys would change to be “tank and fierce”

I see, so you mean a complete rework starting by changing smilodon’s niche. That’s fine, but It might not actually improve the creature. Smilo functions as a raptor, changing it’s role to a cunning/fierce doesn’t necessarily make It better, It could depending on what you do but you may end up with a completely different thing from the original.
I doubt that a move exactly like raking pounce would make into the game, as It contradicts some unspoken rules/tendencies I’ve seen so far(like some stronger rampages always having a delay). But It could work perhaps as a second turn move, like raking rampage in place of rampage and run instead. That way it keeps it’s first turn big hit with precise pounce but still have an armor piercing move for the second turn. For a fast creature like nemys it’s important to have precise pounce as it’s first turn attack to protect itself from high damage dealers.

Ok smilonemys… I’ll ask ya guys. Do you think it’s good or evil if it was in a story?

  • Good
  • Evil
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I do not understand what you mean :sweat_smile:

If this is the case for what a hybrid should have then why does something like indoraptor have evasive stance when none of the ingredients used to create it have it? Also shouldn’t it get what’s now revenge cloak instead of the neutered evasion? Indominous has it and it can clearly be passed on as evidence with erlidom.

As far as smilo goes, the nerf to it’s damage was uncalled for. Rather than a rework I’d prefer they buff the damage some

They tried an indoraptor with cloak. it was broken.


Seems to me it’s still broken. Getting hit for 10k+ revenge cloak bomb doesn’t exactly scream balanced, especially when a lot of Dino’s have no way of stopping that incoming damage, therefore I still see no reason Indo shouldn’t have access to it, especially when evasive stance sucks and is prone to RNG on where it’s going to work or not

Well, there is some creative freedom to add moves that will help with the dino’s role, such as instant distraction on purusaurus since It goes well on counter attackers. And on nemys case, i don’t think changing it’s role by giving It armor piercing abilities is a good idea, i gave other reasons more relevant than the parents not having It.

I completely agree with that. The damage was fine even with the hp buff.

Basically if jwa Creatures were in a story, would you think smilonemys would be better off a hero or villain

I agree with this. The role it has is fine and it’s moveset being unchanged should indicate that in that regard it’s in a good place. It actually never felt OP to me, either while using it or fighting against it

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I still don’t understand why the damage was decreased, it was fine with 1200 do you know the reason for this?

Even her entry animation has been “updated” to reflect how bad it has become.
Seriously the previous was just fine, the new one looks like it was designed in a short afternoon.

Ok just saw this topic talking about one of my favorite creatures in the game, and I just had to get in the conversation.

As for the Nemys buff, I think with Low-HP comes great ATK (Uncle Ben reference :wink:)

So for it to have 1100-1300 ATK, there has to be a trade-off, since a creature with 4200 HP, High-ATK, decent speed and 2 RAMPAGES is too much. Though its one of my favs, I have to also rework the hybrid logically. Therefore:

3600-3900 HP (See below for the reason as to why it may have 3600 HP)
1200 ATK (or 1300 even)
127 Speed
60% Armour and 5% Crit (Cmon Nemys has 60%)

As for this one bear with me:

Deliberate Prowl changed to Stealth Maneuver (Basically a Prowl + Dig In, but doesnt heal nor adds shields)

Same for the rest

As for the Resistances, the OG Viking Tiger needs to be included for reference. (Just press to see all of it, as this post is already too long)

Immunity to Slow Reduction, Stun, and Vulnerability
50% Resistance to Swap-Prevention

Voila! Ze perfect version of nemys (Heavy French Accent)

if their attack and deliberate loitering were improved it would be much better :roll_eyes:. (I also feel that my rework is good, changing his class would be a huge benefit :star_struck:)