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The story of Spinoconstrictor | The Story of | #2

Being the only snake in the major legues, she manages to fight with high beings (Tryko, both indos, dioraja) proving that evertrything that bleeds will bleed.
It is not a snake and ready, highly poisnous mind, shows that it can attack and defend itself at the same time and even try to escape it, nothing will come out unscathed, its high level of reasoning manages to evade any direct attack.

Despite amm those excellent qualities, do not resist a direct attack, it is worse if your apponents are resistant to his toxin (Maxima, Gamini, Lani, Magna) which is key in his fighting strategy, he only has to attack with his jaws.

Her opponents will try not to attack if they do not know that they will eliminate her from an attack, they know what they are facing, a beautiful but dangerous creature, just like nature, equal to the queen of Sorna.

The new era (2.0) was a great opportunity to change his fighting style, ceasing to be poisonous and going the tough and distracting side, using his toxin as a counterattack, he easily adapted to the modern era, demostrating afficient resistances to his strategy. In fighting, hrr level of evading attacks helped her evolve a 100% efficient escape tactic. They cannot escape from her, but she can from them.

Always stay with the constant strategy fight with determination, adapt, they help you not to undergo changes, currently she is the bleeding queen and in the future, she manages to be a mixed beast.

Tomorrow the story of :neutral_face::grin:

Hope you like :smiley:


It’s enough to make a grown man cry


the life of constrictor :joy:

Sssssimply ssssssublime


My little one would agree…

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I havent even read it, but I already know its good. (Wish I could upvote this twice) Appreciate you taking my suggestion.

I would like him more if his dodge was not cancelled by resilient strike and impact

Changing genders? Otherwise great story

@BenauGr_FZ Did you make the Story of Monolometrodon yet?

I agree! I have a big jwa story planned… stay tuned yall!

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@Dinosaur_King no i haven’t done the monolometrodon story since i’m in trouble since i want to make smilonemys and leave monolo postponed :exploding_head: :disappointed:

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Ok, ty for the info!

I just did the Smilonemys story + a rework, I’d like you to see it :wink:

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Ok, I’m excited!