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The story of Spinoraptor| Story of: Fanmade| Ep #1

Note that this is inspired By @BenauGr_FZ, So go check his out!

I’d like to start this Story off by sharing my story, The story of the spined turkey.

I was a successful Creation back in 2015, And I was used and loved by many People. Until One day, My owner Threw me into the wild, And put
CarnoRaptor To replace me. I was angered, But I remembered all those indoms’ and indora’s My owner had, So instead, I fled To a calm river… it was a Good place to pick, My favorite dinner would always be there… I met The other Spinoraptor’s, who were fled before me. Together, We fished, We hunted our favorite Dino meal (Stegoceratops), And We would Tear apart Any Carnoraptors we saw.
At that point, we were dominating.

What do you think should be for story #2?


0 people replied. Just as I thought.

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But I am here…

I think story 2 should be the people getting angry at the spinorapters for killing carnorapters and them trying to exterminate the spinorapter squad

U know, I had a sequel to the origina, I never finished it cuz of school but it involved original indom too. I thin it was called jwa story spinoff, it indom returns. I liked your story. I think the spino raptor should be on the run from humans and are saved by indoms

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Oh mine is diffrent. It’s like a species profile. So no actual stories, just some history And facts about the Dino.

I used to have a spinoraptor… It was beautiful

It was one tropical feathered dodo, I remember the days when he came out, when I was so famous, Until those pesky Useless hybrids came out…

YUDON!!! I’m talking about you!
Pachygalosaurus, Segnosuchus, Gorgosuchus, Metrophidon! All of you!

Except you actually are all useful-

But I still lurk In… as something bigger… badder…

That’s what U get CarnoRaptor! I got a super hybrid and you did not!

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