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The Strat Finder has had an update!

Once again we have an update for our raid strat finder website! i have updated all apex and unique pages by removing old strats, and putting a ton of new ones in! I also updated Mammotherium, and all the other raid bosses will be coming soon! enjoy!


love your work didnt see this one

probably ahvea few more i will go through the start and look :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for all the effort

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ok one more for trex this was a fun one

and video

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ok yet another for cers

and the video


that is a great-looking strat

it is 3 times and no problems the only thing you need and i will say this a thousand times…is a big hitting gemmi :stuck_out_tongue: i will try next week with a slightly less powerful one to see how low you can go

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You could probably get away with a Gem with 1,800 attack at the lowest if the other three meet the minimum requirements only.

But if Mammolania and/or Tenontorex have a lot of attack, you could also probably get away with a Gem having as low as 1,600 attack, so long as Irritator has enough health to survive a hit from Miragaia.

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yeha its a abit of a juggling act but in the last one we did we had small irri and small tento no problem next run we will try small mammo and smaller but still quick gemi