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"The Strongest Creature in the Game"

Yep, you can’t argue with the facts. I guess we should all ditch gemini, lania, dio, magna, and tenrex for allosaurus :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


nope gemini can take the most damage
sorry jwa wiki

nvm that was long ago it is apato

Technically that would mean that you pick Thoradolosaur due to it being the highest value in its bloodline lineage.


but still…seriosly apatosaurus, allosaurus!
i get t.rex but why not allo gen2 or Geminititan

plus wouldnt apexes be the best creature

Take a look at my video which analyses the dinos used in the top 20 teams on the leaderboard. I have compared the dinos used before and after the 2.1 update which takes into account the nerf to Ardentismaxima.

You’ll see what the strongest (most popular dinos are amongst the successful teams).

YouTube: The Best Dinos as used by the Top 20 players