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The strongest hybrids of each class


tommy_paoli absolutely wanted to see this birds in an old thread,(tip: JW’s best dinosaurs: TG, by class.)suddenly there it is … in addition … it is the strongest ordinary hybrids!pelicanopterix statistics: 1294 and 494.


i don’t know if you know, but, tapejalosaurus is stronger than tropegopterus! a rare stronger than a super rare!
tapejalosaurus statistics: 3007 and 940.

tropegopterus statistics: 2109 and 805.


ankylodocus is a monster of attack and health!
ankylodocus statistics: 3318 and 1037.


this monster can shrivel your opponent in 4 sec.
priotrodon statistics: 6407 and 2447.


Admittedly, he is not the strongest in attack but his HP rewards everything …
pachygalosaurus statistics: 18006 and 2134.Screenshot_20210331-131850

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Supranotitan is stronger than ankylodocus btw

ho! :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: poop …

And priotrodon is a rip-off in DNA cost
Also where are the amphibians?

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Amphibian are the worst class in term of ferocity.
There is no common and super rare amphibian hybrid,
2 rare that are terrible,
2 legendary, one is terrible(super- koolaid) and one is pretty good,
1 tournament hybrid and its not the best!

The rares aren’t terrible. If I still had diplotator I would constantly be using it along with nundagosaurus. I still use nunda. Super kool aid is AMAZING if you use it properly.

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Super koolaid is one of the worst legendary hybrid.

and also the ugliest …magicut_1617210887319~2

No he is cute, except at level 40

good cute and wrinkled at level 10, like eolambia, and if I put a level 10, it is because the images of level 40 were blurry …

If you use it the right way it isn’t

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Good choice with there dinosaurs Blacksaber,

In my opinion :
Tapejalosaurus is not only as good as topégopterus, at lvl 40 this is the door to Super Hybrid Tapejalocephalus which is at lvl 10 for a fury of 6186 very smart : low time of cooldown, no cost of DNA, Hatch time very fast. If your average fury of Dinosaur for PVE is around 6000 I think is one of the smartest choice to built easyer and faster team of pterosaur and very complementary with metripaphodon

Pachygolasaurus : there is two or three types of dinosaurs : tanks, wreckers and medium. the ratio H/A of Pachygalosaurus is very high, in an equilibrate team copound like carnivore / pterosaur / hervirore or amphibian, Pachygalosaurus give you the time to built a victory. For example all at lvl 10 : Pachygalosaurus / métriaphodon / Segnosuchus (or ostaposaurus lvl 20) a team around 6000 fury wich can beat a team around 9000 for sure

thanks, but I was wrong about the super rare hybrids …