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The strongest king

So you know in every patch there’s a king what do you think is the strongest king of all of them?
Velociraptor in raptor meta?
The SS cleanse every debuff and APR stegod?
Actually good monomimus?
1.5 DracoG2?
Or 1.6 dracoceratops?

Definitely Indoraptor in the Dodge meta.
Veloci was the raptor meta. I think stegodeus was the strongest in the SS meta. But dracorat is definitely the king.

Lmao the early indoraptor with I think it was 8x damage or something? It was before I created it but I just remember seeing that and wanted it so bad haha.

Early indoraptor for sure. I believe a nullifying move did not exist that time and indo had cloak instread of evasive stance. The true definition of OP.

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Immune Indoraptor in the Raptor Meta with Cloak Defense Shattering Rampage

Nothing compares to that.

Didn’t Immunity also apply to Nullifying abilities, so you couldn’t remove the cloak or am I thinking about something else?

Nullifying did not remove cloak in the Raptor Meta

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Yep. It was brutal. I-Rex was almost unstoppable, only shields could halt it.

But Indoraptor had shield break so it was pretty much guaranteed death on Turn 2.

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Strongest king is definitely 1.6 lord lythornax!


I remember doing the math and realizing that every single dino in existence died without even a critical hit to indoraptor at even levels. Those were crazy times.

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Yep. Indoraptor was monstrous back then.